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Reckless Mercy / Press

"Band Provides a Spiritual Lift for People to Climb the Stairway to Heaven: Reckless Mercy’s Edgy Sound Rocks Christian Music" Just as God’s mercy can’t be contained, Reckless Mercy plays outside the music box. It crosses several genres of music with a controlled recklessness that suits both its name and the creator it seeks to recognize and honor. The group offers proof that it can rock to the music and God and provide that spiritual lift for people to climb the stairway to heaven.

“A review of Reckless Mercy’s phenomenal album: ‘Turning Over Tables’ (Part 1) Reckless Mercy—the like-no-other Folk-Rock Christian band—has released their phenomenal album: “Turning over Tables.” Based on a fair, overall review, it’s safe to mention that this album’s modern-day, musical mastery, combined with its phenomenal purpose, will stop most in their tracks, regardless of spiritual inclination. So, how is this possible..? Well, if you take a moment to watch Reckless Mercy’s album promo video, they do a great job exemplifying their ability to have integrated their musical talent—through Turning over Tables—with their spiritual conviction. Anticipatively, it could also be said that each song on the Turning over Tables album—musically and spiritually—will mean something different to each listener and will serve its purpose, accordingly.”

“We’ve had an overwhelming response to check out these guys on our FB page. Since the site has been running I don’t think people have ever got this passionate about the bands we feature, but now is clearly the time! ...Reckless Mercy...have been putting out a blend of folk-rock, best seen on their most recent album that dropped in May...Turning Over Tables. The title track is akin to Noah and The Whale and Mumford & Sons, with some folk attitude & country strings...not confined to this sound constantly, transcending into a driving American-country infused 4 minutes on To Say I’m Sorry, whilst the remainder of the track throws up all manner of delightful surprises... Their varied music is spurned by passion for their Christian faith..although I’m not well versed in Christian rock, there’s definitely an accessibility to their music, and when you hear them there’s no compulsion at all to turn them off. At. All.”

“A review of Reckless Mercy’s phenomenal album: ‘Turning Over Tables’ (Part 2) Having had the opportunity to meet this great group of artists during their recent, Statesville Upper Room appearance—accompanied by Broken Yesterday—the Reckless Mercy band members are, indeed, great people, with a mission—a mission to reach out to everyone who will listen; through Turning Over Tables; through their Ministerial efforts; or however else possible. That’s just who they are and what they’re about.”

“Reckless Mercy is not your average christian rock band. In fact, they’re a unique, Folk-Rock Christian band, from nearby, with passionate conviction—conviction that cuts like a hot knife, through butter, when it comes to the true meaning and purpose behind their music. For those who would like to experience this passionate conviction—there’s great news. Reckless Mercy will be live at Statesville’s Upper Room, on February 2, at 8:00 p.m., followed by their February 23 appearance at The Inn, in Salisbury. There was an opportunity to interview a few of the band members, during Jerry’s Bones’ recent D'Laney's gig. During the interview, the group was passionately consensual, when they said “We’re really looking forward to gaining more exposure and booking more gigs in this area.” Their sincerity was very evident, as they expressed their appreciation at the end of the interview. ”

“I was on I-95 and I saw a truck with a trailer attached to it that read "Reckless Mercy". Well the name is unforgettable, so I looked you guys up and I like your music. This song will probably be my anthem now.”

Madison Blackwell - YouTube

“Reckless Mercy—the like-no-other Folk-Rock Christian band—has announced the release of their “Walk On” music video. Walk On is one of 11 tracks from their phenomenal, world acclaimed album: “Turning over Tables.””

“Well worth the listen! This is an amazing group of men, with an even more amazing sound! Once you start listening you can not stop! It is so refreshing to hear something new and exciting in Christian music. This is NOT the same old thing!”

Shelley Hughes - iTunes Reviews

“This group is talented beyond a lot of artists in today's music. Their lyrics are courageous, profound, and relevant for every Christian's personal walk and relationship with Jesus Christ! Listen to any of the songs in this album [Turning Over Tables] and you will hear God speaking to you. You can tell from each lyric that the heartbeat of this band is an unwavering boldness to share the Gospel!”

Hollipod - iTunes Reviews

“I love the sound of the group, both music and vocal; the message is so powerful if people listen to the words...keep up the hard work...”

Claudene - Email

“Completely Amazing Night, Reckless Mercy is The Real Deal!!!”

April Lewis - Facebook

“You guys are AWESOME!!! gahhhhh. Your professionalism, your music, your hearts and attitudes- they are a breath of fresh air.”

Jen Trexler - Facebook

“I love your hearts for the Lord, people & music. I was blown away by your musicality & authenticity. Thank you for sharing His light & love.”

Lindy Hayes - Facebook