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ReAsOn DiSciPLe / Press

“Level 1: "Music Marketing and Networking Audio Course" - Lesson 4: Identifying the Players in the Music Industry @ http://www.ricardoequips.com/musicnetworking. In this course you will learn how to deal with and engage the different type of people you will face in your network and sphere of influence so that you can build the right relationships through divine connections. This is part of the Music Business in God's Image Ministry Course at the Five Fold Davidical School of Hip-Hop Ministry and Music Business @ http://www.ricardoequips.com/hiphopschool.”

“I just completed a new hip-hop leadership e-book and audio book called Five Fold Davidical Hip-Hop Leaders. It is designed to help Christians in the Holy Hip-Hop Ministry find out which of the Five Fold Ministry Gifts they have so that they can better function in their area of strength. I teach these music ministers how to identify and operate in each gift plus how to identify, train, and empowers others in the gifts. I explain how all believers have at least one of the gifts and that upon knowing them they will be able to restore the music industry to the way God designed it through the examples given throughout the life of King David. Both the e-Book and audio-book will be out March 26th, 2013.”

“Get The MC Part 8 - "Fellowship And Unity in Holy Hip-Hop" e-Book by Ricardo Butler OUT TUESDAY JUNE 19TH, 2012!”