R Buckle Road / Press

"Hell yeah guys, cant wait to catch another show! Congrats."

The Rebel Noise


Shelley Letts

“You guys rocked The Grill on Main! Looking forward having you back to perform on Tuesday, July 3rd from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.”

The Grill on Main

“Loved the vibe. Great band !!”

Lynn Salandro

“Great show last night boys. Keep up the good work.”

Dennis Devlin

“Here’s the inside dope, this kind of energy, original, hard driving alternative country, rock, call it what you will, is still very much alive. And what’s better….it’s right here in our own back yard. You just have to be lucky enough to know where and when it is happening. As a club owner who’s hired a couple of hundred great bands, tonight I had my “Whiskey a Go-Go epiphany” in the form of R Buckle Road. This is, without a doubt, the band to keep your eyes (and ears) on over the next 12 months. - Palm Canyon Road House , Owner ”

Owner of the World Famouns Palm Canyon Road House