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Random Ninjas / Press

““..their show is an aural version of Red Bull.””

OC Weekly

““They’re an amazing gathering of top-notch musicians and a rare female vocalist, Soozana, who never ceases to amaze me with her ability to cut through the rich and powerful rock sound of their music with her gorgeous vocals.””

8 Asians

““Perhaps the most thrilling part of their performance was when the band’s skilled Taiko drum and percussion players performed drum battles in between songs. It was like an art form watching band members “The Yusuke,” “Caliginous Ninja,” and “Young Doug Ninja” bang on their powerful Japanese drums. Fans in the crowd stared blankly with their mouths open in awe as the drumming became more intense.””

OC Music Magazine

"Singer Soozana is a jewel in Random Ninjas crown, being able to convey both fragile beauty and punk rock angst with aggressive growls. Her fellow ninjas use their intstrumental expertise to surround her formidable range with a rapid intensity which should make for some explosive live performances."

““Listening to Random Ninjas is just as fun as their moniker would imply. They rock your face right off while still providing music that is catchy and spans the genre spectrum. I would train under these ninjas any day.””

“Congrats to Random Ninjas who were the winners of our Rockstar Showcase Night 2 at Universal City Walk. The band who consists of both chicks and dudes rocked the stage and brought a unique sound to the competition!”

Vanessa Hale - 98.7FM

"While primarily a hard rock outfit, Random Ninjas brings world music and varied instrumentation into the mix to create a unique sound."

“The good thing is that these Random Ninjas are the good guys especially when it comes to their music; heavily female fronted with a kick. With a sound that is very unique and ultra cool, Random Ninjas make music that is fun, exciting, electrifying, and refreshing. ”

"(Madness)..Good chord changes supported by a strong melody with lots of energy and a good driving beat....Clever lyrics that encapsulate the musical flavor and frantic mood..The song is well played, sung and executed."

Mike Pinders Song Wars

"For those of us tired of the same old same and looking for a little more spice and originality in music, this new recording is definitely a breath of fresh air."