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Ran Blacc / Press

“Good Morning You Guys!!! I must say I am really enjoying the Ran Blacc / Crown Republik movement! Very excited to shoot with Blacc, I think we'll come out with some awesome prints, plus the music keeps getting better and better. Best wishes & much success! See you guys soon!”

Daniella English - twitter.com

“I just wanted to drop by and thank you for becoming a fan. Every fan is special to me and it definitely humbles me that you took the time to listen to me. Thank you, keep making great music fam. ”

Donnie Kennz - Reverbnation.com

“Great tunes Blacc! I would like to add them to NewTribeZ Radio’s Playlist! Sent you a link in your inbox.”

New TribeZ Radio - Reverbnation.com

"Awesome music!!! Music bridges all gaps emotionally. Im a fan!!"

Casey Picou - Reverbnation.com

“I really want to know if he's going to make it over to the UK for a show or concert? I'd like to see his sexiness in person!! :0)”

Jasmin Calle - Twitter.com

“AWESOME WORK, Ran Blacc! The RN diss song...RIGHT ON TIME! I hope they took heed, my dear. Nonetheless, do your thing & know your TOPS! :)”

illy - reverbnation.com

"They say he's 35, I cant tell. Love his style, look, charm, and his music. I wont be surprised when he blows, he's got that "it" thing. Im not sure exactly what it is but I cant help but to keep listening and following his movement. I wish him all the best! xoxo"

Molly Hoban - Twitter Interview

“I dont know much about his music but I've seen a few of his modeling pictures, I know a few people that are good friends with him, he's a very sexy man.”

Deauxma (Adult Model @ DeauxmaLive.com) - Twitter Interview

“That First Joint On Ya Page Is Hella Dope Send Me Ya Email Ill Send You Some Beats Check Out My Site Tell Me If U See Anything You Like. BeatsByJake.com”

Beats By Jake - Reverbnation.com


2TEKK$ - Reverbnation.com

“Great Music Liked listening to it :)”

Cyborg Music - Reverbnation.com

“It’s a pleasure to meet you here on RN. Thank you very much for becoming a fan which is encouraging and thoughtful. It is great to see fellow artists supporting each other. Your music is GREAT……..keep up the excellent work and never lose the dream. I wish you success in your music and peace to you and all who surround you. ”

JP Yonelunas - Reverbnation.com


Incredible Ticket USA - Reverbnation.com

"You got great music here, could be #1 on anyones music chart..."

Certified Money Gettas (CMG) - Reverbnation.com

"I like your style. Confident but not Stuck up or Unapproachable. Coolness with a lil Swag. Sexy. Athletic."

Nicole Haskins - Facebook.com

“I love your music. May I wish you the very best of good luck.”

Peter O'Sullivan - Reverbnation.com

“Thank you for sharing your music.”

Les Heathcock - Reverbnation.com

“I listened to your music, and really enjoyed it. Thank you for listening, and have a great day.”

Anuerythm - Reverbnation.com

“Awesome Music!! Music connects all people and bridges all gaps. I’m a fan.”

Slim and Red - Reverbnation.com

"Great Sound! Want to perform at a Red Carpet event for Warner Bros. Music Group in L.V.???"

Urban Kings - Reverbnation.com

"Caught your music & really liked it."

Aidan Nolan - Reverbnation.com

"My Boy Blacc Is Really Doin His Thing, I Mean We Were Teammates in College But He's Really Putting In Work at Something Nobody Knew He Could Do!!! Pleasant Surprise!!"

Ray Cheetany (Founder Of RawTeams.com) - RawTeams.com Pool Party @ Surrender Nightclub In Las Vegas, NV)

“Diggin the tunes Much Love”

Renogade Blvgari - Reverbnation.com

“I just want him to take off some of his clothes and show off the tattoos! lol With his sexy ass. ;) Keep up the great work Randy!! xoxo”

Samone Taylor (Porn Star) - twitter interview

“I must say Ran Blacc's Las Vegas At Its Best. Congratulations on the success.”

Natalie Vegas (Adult Model @ TheNatalieShow.com) - Twitter Interview

“Im listening to your music right now! I like your sound. Very impressive. Keep up the good work.”

Blizzard - Reverbnation.com

“You should get your music played at www.hardcorejamz.com radio. Submit music on the site. You would do well there. Worldwide listener base.”

Hat Trick - Reverbnation.com

“Love your style!! And congrats on your success in Nevada! I'd love to hear your thoughts on my tunes. It'd be an honor. Thanks!”

Orbia Hatcher - Reverbnation.com

“Black, I didn't know you were musically inclined!! You are some thing special, i swear!! Ur music definitely has a vegas feel to it, and i know u hang with a bunch of us in the industry, i can really hear it in your songs. Im very impressed, I now know who to call for the complete entertainment package huhhh!! ;)”

Penni Tavarez (Model n Adult Film Star) - Twitter.com

“We really like the sound we are gonna recommend you to our fans”

M.E.G.A. Team Rockit - Reverbnaion.com

"The Ran Blacc, Crown Republik Mixtape Is Shaping Up Well, and Could Be One Of The Most Diverse Mixtapes' Of The Year!!!"

Ms. Torres (Manager of Ran Blacc) - Ran Blacc - Behind The Music Series

"Great music tracks! Plus we support GOOD music!"

F.A.L.A. Nation - Reverbnation.com

"Great Music! If You Would Like To Get A Record Deal Hit Us Up!!"

Diamond Records - Reverbnation.com

“Excellent sound ! Have you ever submitted a e-demo to Virgin?”

Virgin Records International - Reverbnation.com

"I Ride Wit My Dude Blacc!! He's a Go Getta Fa Real, All Business. Real Good Dude!!"

Da' Afro Rican - AR Studio Blog

“how much you charge for a feature? that talkin bout it song is off the chain!”

Kiayam Kaine Benavides - facebook.com

"He's Hot!! Not Just His Look and Style, But His Music Goes So Hard, Its Something Different!!"

Kathy Williams (Model and Actress) - Facebook Interview

“Great job! We can play add instruments & backing vocals in your songs, Also beats, mix & master. On Da LOW! Holla at us your music is banging!”

Gate 57 - Reverbnation.com

"I See The Hustle.... Block Certified/ Crown Republik Get ya Ears Up"

Dough Gotti (CEO of Block Certified) - Reverbnation.com

“Have you sat down with any major labels yet? I got a friend named Lan, He can help you. I'll inbox you the #, Tell him that Jason sent you. Good Luck!!”

Industry Level - Reverbnation.com

“Ran Blacc has that feel for building a song that tells a story. ”

Greg Leatherman - Reverbnation.com

“I becoming a Fan. Nice songs, good work !”

Diavoloops - Reverbnation.com

“While you r promoting ya music take time out and click on To one of my beats...by the way ya music is nice.. Keep Banging it...”

DJ BlackZone - Reverbnation.com

"I want to shoot with him, well I can't lie, I want to do more then shoot with him! lol :)"

Ruth Kounovsky (Model) - Twitter

“The Music U Make Is Amazing!”

Corina Anderson - Reverbnation.com


Lubonrec - Reverbnation.com

“I Like Ur Sound! Nice Music Over Here”

TRE'BARZ - Reverbnation.com

“Im so excited about your music , if you want to get more exposure on facebook and youtube, we can help http://www.musicexposure.org”

Billy Mommak - Reverbnation.com

“Nice tracks ! Keep bangin !”

Duke Nasty - Reverbnation.com

“Nice songs! Please post your music to http://www.facebook.com/iWantJam and join http://www.iwantjam.com to become an 'Endorsed Musician'”

Iwantjam.com (Musician Website) - Reverbnation.com

"Great Music!!"

Yolanda Foxx - Reverbnation.com

“I like what u got you are different from the others in your genre.”

Yung S.N.A.P. of BME Basement Musink ENT - Reverbnation.com

“Really like the music! Keep up the good work!!”

MicKilla - Reverbnation.com

“I really like the come ride with me song, its super sexy, like he's speaking directly to me. That makes for a great song when it sucks the listener in!! No Gass!!! He's got that kinda sex appeal.”

Shyla Starr (Ikandy Model) - Twitter Interview

“I Like your Music and the way you express your mind on tha tracks. I see ya, Keep up the hard work. It's Very Impressive & Nothing but talent.”

MG Tha Block Boy - www.reverbnation.com

"Dope Sounds Coming From This Page"

RedMic - Reverbnation.com

“What's poppin fam!! I'm glad you like the music and became a fan... I'm check your music out as well. I wish u success in yours.. one ”

GeneBuck a.k.a. ShowBoat - Reverbnation.com

“Thx 4 fanning me when U R hot!...”

Nevada Breeze, Queen Of Hooks - Reverbnation.com

“Keep grindin, wishin you much success!”

Miss Koko Loko - Reverbnation.com

“Great Music!! Keep Them Hits Coming!”

Smitty ( of Blended Soul) - Reverbnation.com

"He's One Of The Sexiest Rappers I Know!!"

Maria Leanna (Model) - Facebook Interview

“Blacc's really doing his thing right now. Mixtapes, Photo Shoots, Short Movies, Interviews and Music Videos!! Damnnn, He's Goin HAM right now! ;)”

Alyssa Keller (Model) - Facebook Interview

“Liked the music! Check us out! We can help promote your music!”

The Artist Hub - Reverbnation.com

“Great music! I'm a fan”

Triinno Muzik - Reverbnation.com

“Ima need you to get at me when your ready to shoot. Im looking forward to it!! :) Proud of you, your doing ya thing!!!”

Jolina Ford (Published Model SMOOTH Mag Cover, Video Vixen) - Twitter.com

“Showin u some 801 Utah love. If you're ever out in Salt Lake, hit me up and we can do a show together.”

B-Side - www.reverbnation.com

“Ran Blacc's on his boss moves, went to the last showcase he hosted, the music and laughs thing, it was off the hook, a lot of talented artists and his sexy ass hosting :^) I'll be sure to be at the next showcase, party or whatever him and his crew is throwing.”

Amani Jaymes - Twitter Interview

“Hi, great vibe you have happening here! Hope you're having a fantastic week! Peace, Love, & Music,”

The Judes - Reverbnation.com

“lol Ur Famous Now”

Nadia Night (Adult Film Star) - Twitter.com

“Nice to listening your music.”

Terror Tonight - reverbnation.com

"CONGRATS ON YOUR RANK!!! I LIKED your facebook page, 'PIN'ned you, gave you a top rank, (+1), on your reverb page for google, followed on twitter & I put your tracks in my queue and favorited and shared them!!! Also, if you have a myspace or if you want me to fan on any other networks just send them to me, because I WOULD LOVE TO SUPPORT... ;-) VERY GOOD WORK!!!! Best wishes for this year and every year to come!!!"

J. Elizabeth Hardges - Reverbnation.com