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Raihanna Estrada / Press

"Raihanna Estrada has been singing and writing songs since she was 13 - and it shows. She - like Miranda Lambert - has a voice that was made for country radio. Not only that, but her songs are as ready for the radio as any artist you're likely to hear."

"A Californian singing country? I’m sure you are curious. Kill that curiosity right now because she just released her second music album and is working the single Take Me Back."

““The title track of the new EP is our featured song, and combines her light country-pop vocals with bluegrass/roots instruments for a truly sweet piece that feels refreshing in our currently saturated market. The lyrics descend into nostalgic memories of a lost love against a melody that is delightfully catchy without being too in-your-face."”

"With this batch of very radio friendly songs in her arsenal and her plans to make the move from LA to Nashville, it is only a matter of time before the right people notice her and the mainstream charts come calling."

"There are many factors that determine if an independent artist will make it over the threshold and begin their path to stardom, but the simple fact is that it all comes back to the songs. They need to be catchy, memorable, and something that we want to hear again and again. Those factors are exactly what Raihanna Estrada has accomplished with her brand new EP Take Me Back."

“Just a reminder for you to check out our very first Featured Artist of the Week Raihanna Estrada! She's beautiful, talented, and doing big things in L.A. (a NorCal Native)! Everyone has a story for why they love country music and pursue it as a career, find out hers here:”

“Featured Google Plus Musician. Logan Venderlic is a folk/rock musician from West Virginia. Venderlic, along with California country singer Raihanna Estrada, recently won the TIR Indie Awards, hosted by our sister site, www.IndieReviewer.com.”

“The TIR Indie Awards are hosted by AMM's sister site, The Indie Reviewer. Winner of the Best Songwriter category was Raihanna Estrada, and first place for Best Music Video went to Logan Venderlic.”

“The TIR Indie Awards are done for the year, but stay tuned for the 2012 awards! Congrats to our winners, Raihanna Estrada and Logan Venderlic.”

“Raihanna Estrada wins Country category for her song "Left with Nothin" in the West Coast Songwriters competition.”

“Egyptian Theatre Stage 12:00pm- 1:00pm- Raihanna Estrada (Country Pop Rock) Raihanna is known as the “California Country Girl.” She has an original pop/country/rock band.”