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“RABIDUS Releases ‘Cant Save YourSelf’ Illinois metal heavyweights RABIDUS are pleased to revel the new single ‘Cant Save Yourself’. Being a rock band in this part of the world is not easy. RABIDUS’s early influences have been bands like Led Zeppelin and Slipknot. In a creative world where everyone seems to have a new band or project, artists must bring something fresh to cut through the chaos. RABIDUS does just that by delivering a harmonious slant with a forceful tempo, sustained with timely lyrics and howling vocals that are sure to make any music lover take notice. Coming together in 2012, the group is doing their part to help raise metal from the grave with energetic performances and straight-to-the-point lyrics. They are no strangers to hard work and sacrifice. ”

“Hard rock and metal music has been one of the fads lately for the teenagers and even for the mature audiences since the time it was born. A lot of local bands out there are striving hard to make themselves famous and since the internet boom came out, a lot of them have been using it to promote themselves and their music. A group of those guys call themselves Rabidus. Rabidus, the Latin equivalent for “crazy” is a band for Hard Rock and Metal music. These guys were born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in the local suburbs there. Their songs are inspired by great artists and bands from the “Dire Straits” and then the great, iconic band “Led Zeppelin” to the more recent ones like the hard rocking “Deftones” and the legendary “Slipknot”. Their songs mostly have the mixes of these bands and that creates a new type of Hard Rock with a mix of Metal music. The new generation constantly wants something new so this type of music is something refreshing for them.It is a new worl”

Eric Tur - Hard Rock and Roll Oven