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Quartjar / Press

“Don’t let all this talk of literary erudition, middle age, and the meaning of life mislead you, though. Quartjar is a tightly rocking unit with a tangible edginess that probably comes from the players’ experience as punk and metal musicians. Although Brown might seem reserved as an individual, the band is brashly aggressive and cocksure.”

“Quartjar comes out swinging on “42,” the band’s new album. Literally. This is blues-rock, but this is no languid my-life’s-in-the-crapper-so-I’m-gonna-play-some-sad-slow-blues-licks-with-a-little-slide-on-the-side music. This is the kind of dirty, fast-and-furious stuff preferred by bands like the Black Diamond Heavies.”

“Things you will (most likely) not see at a Quartjar performance: Moshing. Nudity. Buckets of fake blood or faux body parts. The local three-piece isn’t flashy or theatrical; aside from front man Randall Brown’s hat collection, there’s little to a Quartjar show that might be considered a spectacle. But that’s OK, because it’s not so much what you see at a Quartjar performance as what you hear.”

“With 20-odd years of experience in umpteen combos and solo projects, Knoxville's scenester/socializer/man-about-town, that's right, Randall Brown, makes a confident step into the "legendary local fixture" bracket as his latest vehicle, Quartjar, presents "Years of a Monkey."”

"Earnest and erratic at the same time."

“The phone rings, and a pleasant voice picks up: “Quartjar World Headquarters, how may we help you?” Uhhh ... I’d like to speak to the president and CEO, please.“Just a moment!””

“The album's real selling point is the lyrics. Brown seems much more confident than on earlier releases. And his newfound lyrical swagger and literary sensibility is exactly what makes this Monkey a lifelong member of the Local Greats team.”