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Pyro, Ohio / Press

“Larry: I have to ask where did the name Pyro, Ohio come from? Stephen: We get this a lot – haha. We wanted a band name that reflected our unique blend of styles and that also embodied our determination to make this band last and thrive. We ended up with our name PYRO, OHIO, and it has a lot of meaning to me personally. To me, this band is about the burning desire to find your passion and make a life out of it (hence being a “Pyro”) and the struggles of trying to stand out in this particular lifestyle/career (“Ohio” is derived from a Native American word meaning “the great river”).”

“The song [Before the Sun Sets...] is the title track off their 2013 EP that they will be touring off with Provoke, Destroy starting Friday in Lemoyne, PA. The tour, named Panic In The Mid Atlantic Tour, comes off the heels of both bands playing day one of Driven Fest where they were joined by the likes of Close To Home, Everyone Dies In Utah, In Dying Arms, and InDirections among many others. The tour runs for nine days.”

“Today we're excited to bring you a premiere of Pyro, Ohio's new music video for "Before the Sun Sets..."”

“Although their name suggests otherwise, PYRO, OHIO is an up-and-coming post-hardcore band from the cities of Christiansburg and Blacksburg. Consisting of vocalist Peter Verity, bassist Luke Brugh, drummer Mike McGrady, and guitarists Stephen Noel and Jake Whalen, the band came together about two years ago and have been on a constant flow ever since.”

“Pyro, Ohio really made a great ep and an even greater album. This has everything a perfect album needs, a great sound, two great vocalist, and lyrics to match. The clean vocalists style changed a bit from the older ep and so did the screamer, change is always good. If anything the changes really made the band better in every way. The sound improved a lot it’s catchier to listen to.”

"Virginia’s PYRO, OHIO, newly signed to upstart label At Your Command Records, is excited to release further details on their forthcoming spring release that will be entitled Before The Sun Sets… and will feature seven tracks."

"Virginia's PYRO, OHIO has inked a deal with upstart label At Your Command Records. The band will head to Amped Recording Studios in Baltimore, Maryland ths weekend to record the follow-up to their "Welcome To Pyro, Ohio" EP."

"A band called Pyro, Ohio has signed a deal with upstart label At Your Command Records. The funny thing is, they’re from fucking Virginia but named their band Pyro, Ohio. WACKY! Or maybe just whack."

"Olney native Peter Verity performed with his band, Pyro, Ohio at the Warped Tour music festival at Virginia Beach, Va., on July 25."

“Their first EP is entitled Before The Sun Sets…, and it definitely pushes musical boundaries ranging from dynamic metalcore interludes to spiraling melodic interludes.”

“Me: What is one of the toughest challenges in your life that may have influenced your music directly or indirectly? Peter: For me it'd be all the moving I've done in my life. Both my parents were in the Army so I moved around a lot. It was always hard to have to pick up and move, but I'm also very glad it happened because I've met so many great people because of it. It also led to me being in this band!”