Pushing the Sun / Press

“Complete with chugging guitars, dynamic drums, and charismatic vocals, California rock band Pushing the Sun displays a raw passion that channels into addictive melodies. Maintaining an active live show presence including an opening show for Rockstar Uproar, the 5-piece injects an unmistakable and unmatched energy into their music. Beginning in 2012, the band has already begun to establish a name for itself, garnering more fans and attention as they continue to expand. With a dominating sound and an inspiring vitality, Pushing the Sun is forging a solid future in the rock genre.”

“Day 10 of our 12 Days of Bands You Have to Know goes to the heavy melodic rock band, Pushing the Sun. Pushing the Sun is from the San Francisco Bay Area and they literally have exploded on to the music scene and have created quite a buzz. Their motto, “We will light up your life, we have fire in our hands!” definitely rings true.”

“With old school influences like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath sitting alongside bands from the 90s such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots – San Francisco Bay Area-based band Pushing The Sun are self-described as heavy melodic dynamic rock, but don’t confine their sound to one era influence-wise. Their tracks echo of them of course, but it’s a modern adaptation of sorts.”

“Here is our interview that Steve Renman (Manager of Incubus) was kind enough to do with us. We highly recommend checking out his channel and gain as much knowledge as you can. This is the complete epsisode and we are on around the 44 minute mark.”