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PURGE / Press

“A Joker's Rage, Boomin and Purge were the three bands who each made it to the top of their respected heats and earned their place in the final with show stopping performances… it couldn't get any better… or could it? As each band took to the stage it was clear that the judges were going to be in for a tough time. The phrase "stepping up their game" and "raising the bar" were given new meaning tonight as the packed out Hard Rock Cafe Manchester was blown away by what can only be described as 3 AMAZING BANDS who played with passion, precision and an overwhelming amount of respect and support for each other.”

“They played their unique brand of funky, grungy, bluesy rock with irrepressible energy and a confident swagger. The frontman was truly a force to be reckoned with, rapping and rolling his Rs and his eyes. This band never let go of your interest, just as you’re getting used to one section of the song it changes completely – but it all still fits together so well. The catchiness of their riffs belies their true complexity. Purge’s enthusiasm was definitely felt in the crowd – with people dancing and rolling their hips around in unison at one point. Check out full review”

“Everyone was blown away by the performance from Purge. Absolutely brilliant, I shall be recommending them with the bands I work with as part of my music work away from the centre.”

Michael Farrow Twisted Label Lancashire County Council - Penwortham Arts Centre

“There was a lot of anticipation in the air as people arrived for the first of the Manchester heats of Hard Rock Rising 2013. Over 200 bands had applied, narrowed down to nine by a public vote, and the first three of these were about to play to five judges. Purge It’s difficult to put your finger on Purge’s exact ‘genre’ - it’s clearly influenced by a range of different sources like grunge and funk with other elements like the blues creeping in. It’s not difficult, however, to like it. The three songs Purge played in their set were high-tempo and utterly infectious (in a good way). The riffs were catchy and backed up by some solid - and impressive - bass work and energetic drumming. The bassline from ‘Machete’ has been going round and round in my head ever since. Accomplished lead guitar solos were naturally woven in, adding depth and variety whilst maintaining the overall ‘feel’ of the song. Click link to read more........”

“It’s damn hard to find any truly great bands who aren’t nothing more than a re-hash of other equally great stuff I’ve heard a thousand times. That’s what’s definitely wrong with the punk-rock music scene at the moment and though the influx of albums sent over the web are, as I’ve said, great, they seem to all be treading a safe line of already established affirmation. So imagine my joy when I came across the band Purge. click the link to read more.”

“Third on stage was Purge, a band I have been looking forward to seeing live for a while now. After having a listen online I knew these lads would smash it… and smash it they did! I was a pure rock set throbbing bass, slamming drums, mixed with the furious guitars and vocals it really did make for a great show. The band is a four piece from Manchester made up of Bob Hunter on vocals and guitar, Haiden McHale on guitar, Josh Wirth on Bass and Vocals and Danny Smith on Drums. There’s not much to say other than it was a great rocking set, everyone was up and moving, the band has a great presence and… well… great job lads! Check Purge out on Facebook for upcoming shows, they are a band to look out for!”