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“However, on occasion we’re brought back to the classics, the old Metallica records, early Annihilator and so forth; the exact records we discovered on the voyage of metal discovery. Yet sometimes those old classics just don’t quite hit the spot… And that’s exactly what makes bands such as Prowler a breath of fresh fucking air. Everything we’ve heard before is there, it’s familiar, but it’s new and that’s the fundamental difference. Formed in 2010, Prowler went on to release four EP’s and a box set before signing to Slaney Records to release their debut album After You in 2013, and The New Blood EP later that same year. The thrash titans hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are now on the verge of unleashing yet another beast of a record, their second full length entitled From The Shadows. Overseen by Roger Lian, the same man that was responsible for Slayer’s South Of Heaven and countless others including Overkill, Pantera and Damageplan; you can be assured ”

“News from PROWLER from South Carolina who are at Slaney Records. Why is `only sends back an EP into the race after quite meaningful mini-CD` After You certainly a valid question. Because Qualitatively, the trio is sure to hammer a solid album in the situation. As on the previous album, there is a mix of power and thrash metal. Your texts are based on stories of various horror films, and as sequences of these films were incorporated into the songs again and again, exactly as on the previous album. The four tracks on 'The New Blood' join seamlessly to the predecessor”

“For me though the crown jewel among this batch is “What’s Your Pleasure” utilizing a killer riff and sampling from some of Pinhead’s most iconic lines from the film Hellraiser. I am going on record to boldly say this is even a better version than the one Entombed wrote many years back. This song is that good as far as I am concerned. Other notable mentions go out to “Haddonfield” (paying homage to Halloween) and “Knives for Fingers” (A Nightmare on Elm Street). Of course the album gets capped off with “The Tall Man” an ode to one of my favorite horror flicks of all time Phantasm. Prowler’s first full length is pure genius as far as I am concerned. The pedigree of horror films they drew upon for musical inspiration is strong and every track is smoking hot, coupled with riffs aplenty. I dig their core sound and firmly champion these guys as hall of fame entrants if HMS ever gets to that stage in our existence. In the meantime though, buy a copy of this record”

“But what sets Prowler apart is that every song on this EP is homage to such films as Children of the Corn, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shinning and Pumpkin Head. Now that is an impressive list of horror films created around beautiful music and it warms the cockles of my horror laden heart. In fact I am sure this will appeal to anyone who loves horror and metal as much as I do. The EP is entitled The New Blood and I can’t think of a better title to adorn the cover of this baby. The opening track “He Who walks Behind the Rows” starts out with an ominous intro and then goes balls-out into the song. Vocalist/guitarist Patrick Best rips into it, sounding so full of piss and vinegar. His vocal approach reminds me of a cross between Tom Araya James Hetfield and a dash of Chuck Billy, but there’s still much more to his set of pipes. This is followed with the catchy “No Life Till Leatherface” and I hear hints of Motorhead’s driving core sound seeping into it;”

“For the third instalment of this column, I took some time out to chat with Patrick Best of the thrash band Prowler. I will admit that Prowler is a recent discovery for me, but now that I am acquainted with the band I am all the happier for it. What’s unique about this group is their choice to create metal that blends themes of classic horror films and mixes them into their lyrics, sound and overall look. Perhaps this might be the first true horror metal hybrid band, what with song titles like “No Life Till Leatherface”, “Haddonfield” and “The Tallman” just to name a few.”

“Neither preconceived notion would be correct. Instead the trio plays a rockin’, blue-collar, unpretentious sort of with nods to Metallica and the NWOBHM (that riff in “Say hello to the nite” reminds me a lot of “Breadfan” or the one in “The stalker” is a variation of the Hetfield/Ulrich riff in “No remorse”, for instance). Prowler definitely flirts with the thrash realm at times (see the Mustaine-ish “Knives for fingers” or the even thrashier “The tall man”, the latter of which is replete with raspier half-whispered accents). In contrast to most of the Slaney Records roster, though, I wouldn’t classify Prowler as a full-blown thrash act by any stretch of the imagination. Riffs are simple and effective, and vocalist Patrick Best has a mid-range twangy gruff yet tuneful snarl that is reminiscent of young Hetfield. The playing is good, the production values are fine, and the songs plunge onward like steamrollers leveling all in their path. Prowler are at their ”

“This is the very first album pickup I made for 2013, so I figured it would be appropriate to make it the LP of the week. The first full-length from this South Carolina trio and it is a fun thrashy romp with an old school feel. This is not a true all out thrasher as they mix some straight up heavy stuff with the thrashier aspects and do it rather nicely. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel here or anything, but it is a rather enjoyable listen all the way through and the movie soundbites do not really distract from some really decent music. As an aside I think Patrick Best does a really solid job with the vocals and the rhythm section do a solid job, though nothing that would blow the doors away. Highlights include The Dead Shall Rise, Haddonfield, Say Hello To The Nite, The Stalker, Book Of The Dead, etc etc etc. Just put your favorite slasher flick on in the background and turn the knob to eleven already!!”

“n my relentless search for new and interesting bands and therefore reading countless of reviews on a weekly basis, my interest was triggered by a review of a young thrash metal band named Prowler. I visited the site of their record label (Slaney Records) and wondered how I could pay for the album. The friendly people at Slaney (in this matter Kieran) were even so friendly to send me a copy for review! I’m a big thrash metal fanatic, but unfortunately the new breed of thrash metal bands haven’t really convinced me to step away from the old classics. Of course on a very rare occassion there’s still a young band that can convince me, but it doesn’t happen very often. Luckily Prowler know how to be convincing!”

“Slaney Records Brzmi jak: metallikowy power/thrash Po czterech dwuutworowych EPkach nadszedł czas na pełnoczasowy debiut. Bez niespodzianek, większość numerów znana jest już z rzeczonych wydawnictw. Power/thrash będący wypadkową wpływów Metalliki z „czarnej płyty” i „...And Justice For All”. Rzecz na jedno przesłuchanie i do zapomnienia, ale ten klimat! Doskonałym pomysłem było poświęcenie każdego kawałka innemu klasycznemu horrorowi, wrzucenie paru sampli i gotowe! Słuchalność wzrasta o 100%. Zdecydowanie najlepiej broni się refren „Say Hello To The Nite”, lecz całość okazuje się zaskakująco fajna. Idee muzyczne wtórne do bólu, za to jaka wspaniała otoczka! Nic nie poradzę, jestem fanem horrorów i tu mnie kupili. Więcej na www.reverbnation.com/prowlermusic”

“Horrorthematik und harte Mucke miteinander zu verknüpfen, ist so neu nicht, da gab es schon andere Bands, die das gemacht bzw. immer noch machen. Allerdings hat das amerikanische Trio zur Abrundung und Intensivierung auch Filmsequenzen mit eingebaut, was Filmkennern bestimmt zu gefallen weiß. Und obwohl die Musik dem Album-Debüt „After You“ kein neues Testament des Thrash Metals eröffnen wird (wie man meiner Kritik entnehmen kann), die Songs aber durchgängig als „gut“ durchgehen und obengenanntes Element dazukommt, wollte ich doch mehr über diese Band wissen. Leider wurden gerade die Fragen über die Rechte über die Verwendung der Original-Filmausschnitte oder Soundtrack-Passagen schlichtweg ignoriert – gerade das hätte mich ja brennend interessiert. Na ja, eigentlich sagt das aber auch schon genug aus, oder!? Zumindest zu den anderen Fragen bezog Sänger/Gitarrist Patrick Stellung. Jetzt hast du die Chance, deine Band unserer Leserschaft vorzustellen.”

“The arrangements and production of 'After You' are top notch. The sometimes Hetfield-esque vocalist can deal with anything in the broad spectrum between melodic and death and instrumentally the three band brothers stand their ground; everything is subjected to catchy, groovy, memorable thrash songs. Prowler holds a strong trump card with their excellently worked out concept of horror thrash and if they follow this line, hold the band together and deliver live, a fine future indeed may be expected for them.”

“Es gibt Bands, die in ihren Lyrics komplett durchdachte, fein ausgetüftelte Fantasy-Konzepte vor dem inneren Auge des Hörers ausbreiten. Andere wiederum prangern aktuelle, weltpolitische Missstände an, ohne dabei mit Sozialkritik zu geizen. Und dann gibt es die Sorte von Acts, deren Texte überhaupt keinen tieferen Sinn haben, und die einfach nur zusammenhangslos über Dinge schreiben, die ihnen irgendwie "zugeflogen" kommen. Die US-Thrasher von PROWLER gehören zu keiner dieser genannten Gruppen...gehen aber auf ihrem Silberling "After you" dennoch nach einem gewissen inhaltlichen Konzept vor: Sie singen einfach über Horror-Filme! Das macht Spaß, tut keinem weh - und die Ideen kommen von ganz alleine! So trifft der Hörer während der 43 Minuten gaaanz viele alte Bekannte aus seiner Jungendzeit wieder...denn kultige Gruselschinken wie "Freitag der 13." , "The lost boys" , "Halloween" , "Hellraiser" oder "Night of the living dead" haben aus nostalgischer Sicht schon einen gewissen”

“PROWLER- After You Slaney Records 2013. Great new band on the same label as POSSESSOR and VINDIKATOR. They really know what thrash metal fans cares about. This is a fantastic concept album, every song based on an horror classic movie! The voice is really close to James Hetfield in the glory MASTER OF PUPPETS/RIDE THE LIGHTNING days. They could play fast songs , but also some stuff like old ABATTOIR. This is a coming classic and should be in every metal collection! Tracks: 1 - The Dead Rise Again 2 - Friday the 13th 3 - Say Hello to the Nite 4 - Whats your Pleasure 5 - The Stalker 6 - Knives for Fingers 7 - Haddonfield 8 - The Tall Man 9 - Book of the Dead”

“Kieran hat sich mal wieder durch den weltweiten Thrash-Dschungel gewühlt und mit Prowler einen Trupp unter Vertrag genommen, der sich seinen Namen mit geschätzten 20 weiteren Combos teilt. Diese Prowler hier kommen aus Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, welches eher als Touristen-Strandbad am Atlantik denn als Metalhochburg bekannt ist. Trotzdem hat es das Trio in den Jahren seit der Gründung in 2010 auf nicht weniger als vier eigenproduzierte EPs (Part 1 – 4 mit jeweils 2 Songs) gebracht, bevor das irische Underground-Label Slaney Records sich die Dienste der Amis sicherte und die bisherigen Songs plus einen Bonus-Track auf dem Full Length „After You“ zusammenfasste. Musikalisch tummeln sich die drei Musiker in der Schnittmenge aus Thrash und Heavy Metal, weshalb die Songs nicht durchgehend schnell zur Sache gehen, sondern auch in gemäßigteren Gefilden abgehen und sich hier und da gar Einsprengsel aus der NWoBHM finden („The Stalker“). Das thematische Konzept wiederum ist”

“The album is chock full of crunchy, mid-paced riffs that are a nice mix of heavy groove and speed metal. I know having "groove" in the description will scare most thrash metal purists, but the best thrash bands always had a sense of groove to them. With Prowler, think along the lines of "Toxic Waltz" or "Practice What You Preach". Each song on "After You" represents a different slasher/horror movie. Many of them are fairly obvious from the song titles, others are brought more to life with the lyrics themselves. There are movie clips brought into the songs as well, which is pretty fun. On "Friday the 13th", the band cleverly mixes in the "cha cha cha ha ha ha" sound from the movie into the hook of the song. Very cool. Songs like "The Dead Rise Again", "Haddonfield" and especially "What's Your Pleasure" should have any self-respecting metalhead moshing around the room or at the very least, banging his head. The riffs and songs are immediately infectious.”

“What initially caught my eye regarding this band was the full on connection to classic horror movies, so much so that their initial 4 part EP series included cover art directly picked from the movies each of the songs represented. Being an avid horror movie collector myself growing up, I found it really cool that Prowler wrote songs inspired by some of my favorites, including 'Friday The 13th', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and 'Phantasm'. Upon hearing these songs I was so pleasantly surprised when the music portrayed the lyrics really well also. Heck, they even add sound clips from the movies in each song as well. And check out how they incorporate the theme from 'The Lost Boys' in the song "Say Hello To The Nite" and 'Halloween' in "Haddonfield". Prowler, to me, manage to create something fresh by doing things a little old school. The new wave of thrash metal is becoming stale pretty quick, so Prowler is a welcome addition, not doing the same "we-want-to-be-Exodus-anno-1986 as so many”

“So yes, we had a lot of horror heavy metal bands out there, but what about thrash metal? Well, PROWLER from the U.S.A. come to fill this gap with their debut album entitled “After You”. The 9 songs that are included in their debut release are all inspired by known horror movies that have achieved a cult status in the fans of the genre. The guys really do a very good job since their power/thrash metal sound fits their horror influenced lyrics perfectly. Besides the reference to the horror movies in the lyrics, the thing that I have enjoyed about this release is that the band sounds like it came straight from the 80’s. Their sound is influenced by bands like early METALLICA, METAL CHURCH, ANTHRAX and even ICED EARTH. “After You” is a rock solid album that the more you listen to the more you like (at least this is the way it worked for me). So try to check them out and support”

“PROWLER Record Review for "AFTER YOU" by Walter Tyler of EXTREME METAL OF THE CAROLINAS - \h/\m/ This weeks review features Prowler's new "After You". If you like old school Thrash, classic Horror and Slasher films then Prowler's "After You" on Slaney Records is the album for you. "After You" is a nine song onslaught of fast paced, yet melodic metal at its finest. Prowler features Patrick Best on vocals and guitar, Shawn Bruce on Bass and Jak Sumwalt on drums. Prowler is a veteran band of the Coastal Carolinas and they spotlight their talent on "After You". Once you hear this album, their is no doubt that Thrash Metal is still alive and kicking. This album is absolutely KICK ASS from track 1 through track 9 and will leave you waiting on their next release. If you are looking for an album to add to your collection, "After You" by Horror Thrash band Prowler (Slaney Records) should be at the top of your list.”


“Local horror/metal group Prowler announced Thursday that it has been signed to a distribution deal with Slaney Records. "We're very excited. I think it's great for us to get distribution around the world and to get our music out — especially overseas," said Prowler frontman Patrick Best. "Plus, it's always good for the scene for other bands to see that people out of Myrtle Beach can get noticed and can do things beyond just the beach." Based out of Ireland, Slaney is an independent label which specializes in Thrash and Metal music and represents a roster of more than a dozen different artists including Posessor, Vindicator, Fatal, Vanlade, Suicide Watch and others. Prowler recently released the last in its four-part series of two-song EPs and is working on recording a final track before putting together its debut full-length album this fall.”

“Prowler stepped up to the plate and smashed it out of the park on the first song. An ominous sample followed by vicious lead in heralded what the crowd was in store for and expected. Say Hello to the Nite, a song dedicated to one of the best vampire movies in the history of the medium The Lost Boys, greeted the assembled crowd to the merger of classic thrash and iconic horror, like an abomination constantly feeding on itself and gaining strength and proximity. Best's fingers blurred across the fretboard in unison to his gravel throat-ed delivery, becoming the hero, villain, and narrator in his own story. He was joined by Shawn Bruce on bass who provided a low-end heartbeat like something excited for the kill and Jak Sumwalt on drums beating the skins carnally as if they personally offended him before he killed whatever they were made from. On Friday the 13th it was imperative to be treated to the song, Friday the 13th, an unstoppable force about the indomitable evil that is Jason.”

“With this in mind, we introduce Prowler – A horror/metal band from Myrtle Beach SC! As soon as we heard these guys, our first thought was an evil Metallica! They’re AWESOME. As far as we’re concerned, this is a prime example of what horror bands should be!”

“partes que durante este año ha editado este power trío. Sus influencias parten de gente clásica en materia de heavy horror metal, como los legendarios Halloween americanos, maestros en este arte de combinar heavy tradicional con líricas de terror, aunque a ello también debemos añadir ciertos toques del estilo Judas Priest, Megadeth, logrando en general un muy buen sonido y temas que logran todo el gancho necesario para dejarles en un muy buen pie tratándose esto tan solo de un EP. Aparte del citado “Friday the 13th” que es un gran corte de armonías punzantes y agresivas, también logra su cometido el siguiente “The Dead Rise Again” es un tema de melodía galopantes en que se advierten influencias a lo Maiden en la partida para luego dar paso a un riff mucho más veloz y thrashero en plan Metallica u Overkill de gran factura. Una banda que apunta a lo alto, tan solo resta esperar que pasará con el tiempo, al menos para nosotros queda claro que aquí se huele algo intere”

“Myrtle Beach is not the city you think of when trying to find a decent metal scene; however, Prowler have taken the city by force as one of (if not the best) metal bands to come out of SC in a while. Prowler's influences lie within the Thrash metal realm. Their sound is similar to bands from the Bay area in the 80's (Metallica, Testament, etc.). With great hooks, articulate picking, a phenomenal rhythm section, and Horror movie themes; Prowler breathes some fresh air into a genre that has been stagnant for years with metallica copy-cats.”

“Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 Nightmare on Glenns Bay Road By Paul Grimshaw - For Weekly Surge Movies and the music that accompanies them are often a match made in heaven, or as is the case with local thrash/metal act Prowler, a match made in hell. Patrick Best, guitarist and vocalist with power trio Prowler, puts a spin on famous horror flicks by writing songs that take your scariest Hollywood nightmares (and I don't mean Danny Bonaduce's arrest records) and creates an original head-banging song around the movie's theme. If zombies, vampires, and knife-wielding netherworld psychopaths are your scene, then Prowler's CD release party and video premier promise to deliver thrills and spine-tingling chills. ”

““We all love horror movies and we all love metal,’” said Best of his band’s decision to pursue the mash-up of media which has led to a string of tunes centered around films such as “Night of the Living Dead,” “The Lost Boys” and “Halloween.” Saturday, the band will celebrate two of these tunes with a CD Release Party for “Prowler Part 1” at the Island Bar & Grill in Surfside Beach. During the show, the band will be selling the EP for $5 a piece, debuting its zombie-themed video for “The Dead Rise Again” and performing alongside a slew of other local band including Hawiian Shirt Day, Take Cover and Laissez Faire. ”

“If you've ever heard of Prowler chances are you aren't suprised to see them here. The three-piece band's mission is to take 70s and 80s-style metal riffs and combine them with lyrics and themes from classic horror and thriller films, making them the perfect pick for a Halloween thrash fest. Led by local rocker Patrick Best the band strives to make sure that each song is written about a different horror, slasher, or crime thriller film. For instance, "The Dead Rise Again" takes an opening quote from the 1968 classic "Night of the Living Dead" and goes off from there. What results is grooving guitar-driven jam that sounds like early Metallica but with fun lyrics about zombies. Fittingly, the band will perform as Metallica (aka Three-tallica) this Saturday at Drink! for "HorrorFest II." Learn more about Prowler on their blood-spattered Myspace page.”