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Son Em' All / Press

“As the world turn, shit changin up/ it get worse 'fore its better for the sane of us/ stock food up, weapons and ya common sense/and get ya dollaz out the bank 'fore they turn to cents...”

Prodigal Son - As the World Turns

“Mind like solomon, I should have a diadem/ laced wit this wisdom, chop it and supply it then/ make it so its only money, power all around me/ feelin like I'm royalty, king shit, crown me”

Prodigal Son - "Crown Me" Son 'Em All

“Aye yo the safe open, hand me the bags, count time/ I ain't trynna see prison and count time/felon b at the least, I get caught I ain't gettin released/bon voyage, no more streets/about the money at hand...”

prodigal son - money motivated

“Quality over quantity for sure...”

Prodigal Son

“I'm way above payin' any local for a feature/ you niggaz not hot and how I'm spittin, I don't need ya/”


“I am the punishment of god...if you had not committed great sins, god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you... Ghengis Khan”

random quotes

“Dude be goin in, I like his style...”

the truth - my thoughts