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Poor Eve / Press

“You usually don't see too many female bands venturing into the Rock genre. This 3 female, 1 male, Rock band Poor Eve is beyond ridiculous, and I mean that in a good way. When listening to them I am immediately brought back to the 90's grunge scene, then the next second back in the modern rock era. If you listen close enough, you can even pick up on some 80's rock influences. They have the ability to draw from a vast amount of genres and mend them into their own version of Rock, which is highly respectable in my eyes. I honestly would not have expected this type of muscial geniusness to come out of smaller band like Poor Eve. If you want to venture into a new musical genre, then check out Poor Eve! Between the deep guitar rhythms, emotional lyrics and beautiful voices. Poor Eve has proven themselves as an Unsung Hero. Listen. Suport. Listen to the Unsung Heroes!”

““Conversations with Land and Sea” - The dynamics throughout the song really live up to the song. Kind of sounds like a wave hitting the beach. Really, it’s kind of orchestral at some points. Like chamber music arranged for a rock band.”

“After repeated listens, the best way to describe their sound is to imagine your younger sibling’s rummaging around music collection while you’re out on a date and coming back early finding them blasting your CDs. In other words, it’s a feeling of “HEY! GET YOUR GRUBBY HANDS OFF MY SHIT AND I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!””