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Playground Etiquette / Press

"Playground Etiquette seem to have found their own unique style with this album in the sense of being instantly recognisable, which is a good thing for a band. They use lots of different instruments, including the bouzouki and cello, and their passion for their music comes through not only in the songs but in the whole package. You just have to look at the album cover design to know that this is a band serious about their art."

"Playground Etiquette has released “La Marionette,” a solid alternative art-rock album that conjures the angst of worldly illusions, such as powerlessness and control, empowering the listener to break free of the internal and external influences that bind us all to the man. The album is as eclectic as its members. The product is obviously rock, but it’s hard to group Playground Etiquette into just one genre. With classical, jazz, and rock influences infused throughout the eight tracks, this record is sure to speak volumes to audiences everywhere."

"...the band absolutely nails their ambitious prog/alternative sound. It’s hard to describe them in more specific terms, as they blend all sorts of musical ideas and genres into a cohesive whole. The arrangements are complex without being overwhelming. Each song engages the listener, at times to jump around, at others to head-bang, and always to grab your nearest friend and scream 'this band is awesome! Why aren’t they huge?'"

“Playground Etiquette is a band that has something for everyone. With enough musicality and definitive style to keep the most pretentious music critic interested and all the comforting pop rock themes that excite average listeners as well they have the kind of makeup that give them real potential for greatness. ”

“Playground Etiquette is a band obsessed with genuine energy and unique musical style.”