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PK & What Army? / Press

"One of Seattle's more creative musicians, bassist Paul "PK" Kemmish has mounted a zany, large-ensemble project of his own this week. A founding member of the quirky jam band, Rockin' Teenage Combo, Kemmish has put together a new configuration, PK & What Army?, featuring horn arrangements of his tunes. the players are Amy Denio(sax, accordion, vocal), Brian Kent(sax, flute), Sue Orfield(sax), Dave Carter(trumpet) and Will Dowd(drums).

Paul DeBarros - Seattle Times

"PK and What Army? boasted as many as 13 (during one of my counts) out of the 17 people I was able to catch onstage. It was a psych-jazz free-for-all as the band wailed and conductor/composer/all-around nice guy PK led the band like a true-to-life Bugs Bunny. The music was mind-melting and I began to contemplate leaving the festival right then and there, for who was able to usurp PK from day one's top perch?"

"PK & What Army?'s blistering sax-jazz is at times reminiscent of John Coltrane, and at times it's simply solid, funky, and 100% avant-garde. With their rollicking improvs and tight-as-a-rubber-band group dynamic, you're bound to get just as carried away as the musicians onstage."

Bumbershoot Festival Guide 2006

"Bass master and crack jazz conductor Paul Kemmish of Dasrut has a 15-20 piece throng called PK & What Army? They bang through jazz compositions with big band combustion and gusto. Yes, gusto-"vitality marked by an abundance of vigor." PK's Army screams and howls to the floating ghosts of Miles Davis, Mingus and Coltrane. This is juiced-up jazz that stomps and swerves around the ballroom hall."

Christopher DeLaurenti - The Stranger

"Bassist Paul Kemmish is a regular at The Scarlet Tree and Lo_fI, where he takes the acid-groove thing to new levels, but his What Army? unit may be his most innovative. With the odd and inimatable Amy Denio on accordion, clarinet and vocals, this quartet explores a range of strange song forms and solos.

Seattle Weekly Music Awards Showcase Guide

"I like the sound of PK's new group-smart, strange and danceable at the same time, with the always-odd Amy Denio on accordion, woodwinds, vocals, etc., Sue Orfield on sax, and PK, as ever, holding down the bass floor. They're opening for the flamenco-fusion-groove purveyor Omar Torrez."

Mark D Fefer - Seattle Weekly