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“Most DJ's spend hours hunched over a laptop crafting their tunes, and it might not seem like those beeps, bloops and screeches can be replicated with physical instruments. Here to prove us wrong is the band Pinn Panelle.”

“In walking through the 2012 NAMM Show this year, it became rapidly apparent that the hot ticket of the future is electronics. Software to create new sounds, computerized gadgets to help your instruments make all manner of new sounds...a revolution is afoot...It's hard to ignore that electronic dub step sound that is permeating our internet, our nightclubs, our rock and roll, even our metal. There are arguments and debates...if it's created on a computer; can it really be called music? Obviously it can if four young men from Boston, MA have anything to say about it. Welcome to Pinn Panelle.”

“Pinn Panelle unleashes an unapologetic sonic orgy, displaying technical proficiency and instrumental mastery, while accurately conveying Skrillex’s sample-driven masterpiece through traditional rock components. They’re actual music borders around progressive rock with sounds belonging in EDM occasionally seeping through, evocative of Muse. Undoubtedly, with their forward-thinking utilization of technology and incorporation of the EDM soundscape, Pinn Panelle has a very bright future ahead of them.”

“If you've spent anytime trolling Youtube, looking for new music to make your brain happy, you've potentially stumbled upon the rock cover of "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," the smash hit from dubstep artist Skrillex. The video features a full band warbling and wobbling their brains out, using a mix of traditional instruments and cutting-edge engineering technology to achieve a sound once thought only achievable via computer software. The band responsible for this song and the video is Pinn Panelle, a group dedicated to blending electronic sound with original songwriting, with a few awesome covers along the way.”

“The thing I love about Pinn Panelle is their sense of melody. The vocals are excellent and the music has its way of and growing on you. How they subtly work in so many musical styles and nuances and make everything sound so smooth is beyond me. Just give their début album a listen when it comes out on November 22nd. It will not disappoint.”

“In a studio, Pinn Panelle’s cover would be impressive. The fact that it’s being played live opens up a number of doors as to what a band can do in real-time.”

““...The trio embraces the original's ["Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"] chopped up vocals, electronic drum samples, and heavy synthesizers and presents them in a way that takes the song out of the computer and makes it a visceral, tangible listening experience...I don't know what he's doing, but I like it a lot, even if it kind of scares me.””

“Hell yes! Great track, great guitar playing, killer sound design! And did I hear a zither on that?”

“Derek, this stuff is incredible. You've embraced your musicianship and created a work of art that can be appreciated by any musician (not just guitar players), and it has nothing to do with playing a million-notes a second or showing off! I can't wait to buy this on CD!”

“This is UNBELIEVABLE. I've listened to it on repeat for quite a while now, there's SO much I love about it... You're the bomb and I can't wait to hear more!”

Robby Shellard - College Student

“Pinn Panelle’s potency comes through their surging soundscape, a chaotic mix of bottom-heavy rhythmic grindage on the bass and guitars and a searing, soaring string line, that cuts through the upper registers of the track like a chainsaw through butter, and a heated chainsaw at that.”

C.D. Di Guardia - BostonBandCrush.com