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Phil McWilliams Music / Press

“ McWilliams combines sensibilities of folk, bluegrass, country, and pop into an amalgam of soothing and inspiring compositions in his Signs of Peace album. Projecting both confidence and sensitivity in his deep, compelling voice, McWilliams has some inspiring music to offer. Here’s a few of my favorite tracks: Peace Song is not the traditional tune you might be thinking. It’s actually a McWilliams original; a bouncy song with a catchy sing-along chorus about peace on earth and peace in the individual Barak is a fun song with a universally uniting messag, stating “Got so much that we can teach, open wide and see. So many ways that we can be at peace”. This is an upbeat song with an infectious chorus. Beloved is a tender song with gently repeating lyrics about seeing the beauty and worth of the ones around us. McWilliams approaches this song with a truly genuine sense. McWilliams offers a truly unique, yet conventional style. He strikes a perfect balance between the beautifully i”

“Sweet and Lovely Peace [- Hide ] Phil McWilliams presence lightens the heart and fills the soul with a sweet and lovely peace. His gentle holy energy flows through his music to calm, heal, and bless the listeners. He brings his gifts of Spirit with joy and love to warm and bless our hearts. Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.”

Edwene Gaines - Unknown

“Rich and Resonant Voice He has a wonderful voice; very rich and resonant, deep and strong. I also experience a clarity and heart-centered presence as he sings. For me, this supports and is congruent with the nature of his lyrics and message. Shaina Noll”

Shaina Noll - Unknown

“Phil McWilliams Does Not Make Campfire Music" Phil McWilliams does not make campfire music. While his sensibilities are distinctly rooted in Americana and its tradition, his output is marked by an excellent eschewing of the less-is-more approach that sometimes imbues itself into the folk wheelhouse. At times, the layers in McWilliams' music feels as if he has channeled Paul Simon's Graceland. While it's not a concrete parallel, it's the multitude of uncommon folk instruments on each of his tracks that bolsters the listening experience. Never, though, does it feel glommed on or an attempt to hide ineptitude. Each piece of music is crafted with care. Even just a surface listen to his lyrics, it is clear that he has indebted himself to his spiritual beliefs and in his songs, he finds an opportunity to express his appreciation and wonder. It's the perfect record for a listener in search of a homegrown version of divine tribute. Billboard Discoveries”

Billboard Discoveries - Billboard Discoveries