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Peter Mulvey / Press

“The Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter is in the midst of an 1,100-mile bicycle tour. He's riding a recumbent bike to his 10 gigs along the way, with the musicians strapping their guitars to their bikes. He says it's fun to bike to work, even if it is 1,000 miles away.”

Associated Press

“Mulvey’s new album may be his most emotionally affecting. The witty hipster has softened and deepened his tone and worldview.”

“Nimble and jazzy at times (particularly on the delightfully verbose "Some People"), wistful and observational at others, Letters manages to engage the listener with a loose grip and subtle sleeve tug.”

“And give him some creative props as well; in an age in which single-song downloads rule, Mulvey's new CD is an integrated song/spoken word narrative.... This album is as thoughtful as it is wise and gentle. ”

“Forget about luxury tour buses, gear-packed vans or private jets. When singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey goes on tour this month, it will all be about pedal power.”

“I have written about a slew of talented musicians, had the pleasure of interviewing them and the pleasure of chatting with a couple. In all of these stories however, none has hit me as so profoundly Earth friendly as what Peter Mulvey is doing right now.”

“This album is a lrical delight. “Listening to Letters From a Flying Machine" is much like reading one of the great books we find in childhood, the ones that make us forget everything except what is going on in those pages. His chapters, sung or spoken, are maybe like chapters of his book.”

“Here, this enormously talented and ambitious singer/songwriter bravely looks for understanding in the tension between opposites: creation and decay; love and the indifference of the universe; time and space on the human scale versus the universal.”

"Letters From a Flying Machine" offers a sweet blend of rich acoustic textures and heartfelt lyrics that very likely will win you over. Perhaps best of all, you'll be reminded of the magical powers of letter-writing.

“I have a new friend and his name is Uncle Peter. I never expected to make such an acquaintance on a record but that's exactly what happened. I met Uncle Peter while listening to Peter Mulvey's most enjoyable and engaging new CD "Letters from A Flying Machine".”

“Letters from a Flying Machine is another in a long line of albums from Peter Mulvey that — with its great guitar, folk/rock sensibilities, and simply wonderful music — deserves more than one listen.”