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People at Parties / Press

“The release of the full-length CD marks a game-changer in modern popular music. It is darkwave with a 1980s feel for those of us that may not have much found anything previously in the genre we could treasure ourselves. The self-titled debut by the band People At Parties is a work so vibrantly avant garde and stylishly underground that it appears to have had a life of its own. The sincere communication of feeling captured properly in the recording process is what sets great music apart. That which bears witness and displays culture alien to the listener transcends the medium and occupies a place alongside anything else that which is a cut above. The musicians who crafted this recording seem to have been so captivated by what they were making as to make whatever sacrifice they needed to complete it. The listener will doubtless find it was all well worth the effort. “We have faced so many twists and turns trying to put this record out, it feels really great to have this vision out th”

“For those who are yearning for that emotion that so seamlessly binds your soul, and mind with its beat; and those who are searching for that time when music spoke directly to the bloody member referred to as the heart; I have the just what you’ve been fiending for. People At Parties climbs inside you like the first day of summer, and revitalize the dance that’s been sleeping within. They breathe new life into a familiar place, where passion reigns supreme, and we are all willing subjects to the beat. An impressive arsenal of vibrations laid out on shiny tracks; PAP grabs you out of your sleep. They shake the dust off of your eyes, transforming it into glitter, worshipped by the sun. Their music is pure electric love pumping through your veins. They have slid in, and pressed execute all. Bringing back a generation that helped shape the music industry that molded every facet of the creative world, and infused a sense of worth in sound. The result, orgo-electro. It will not be long”

“People at Parties - dulcet, dark pop for the doom generation - gothic pop soul for those disciples draped all in black. Pulsating, pounding synths that rightfully nod to the sounds of yesteryear while remaining fresh and tenebrous - foggy effervescence. Synths creep and stroll alongside demanding, dusky vocals. “Say" is summertime anthem darkly cloaked in defiance. And in spite of the circumstances, you are ready and willing to risk it all.”

“People at Parties make electro-gold. The vocals are reminiscent of Karen O and the music has an early goth undertone with a heavy hitting pop quality. Put on some beautiful clothes and a couple of their tracks and dance around your living room. Or go and see them live. They played with Iceage back in July. Cool. Very cool. Enjoy these Bex Wade photos.”

“While I was setting up the Vanyaland soundcloud last night, I stumbled upon a new track posted only three days ago from one of my favorite artists, New York/San Francisco dark dance trio PEOPLE AT PARTIES. They’ve been rather quiet lately, and the last post to their FB was back in October — but this new song “Mazes,” was just posted a few days ago. It also appears on their homepage, along with little else. “Mazes,” true to form another passionate 3am electronic slow-burner from P@P, and again is led by the haunting vocals of LK Naps, whose damaged Siouxsie fetish I’ve long appreciated. It’s been a few years since the trio blew me away with their demo EP — tracks like “Happy Birthday” and “Control” are among my all-time faves, and listed the former in my Best of 2011 — and last I heard from them was a track called “Tides” posted around 7 months ago, also to their Soundcloud. So what’s up? Is a return in order? Or are they just releasing some leftover s”

“People at Parties is a synth driven, darkwave trio, collaborating in both Brooklyn and San Francisco. Their first release was a melodic synth-pop Flexi-Disc EP on Project Infinity Records featuring the sing-along, drum-heavy anthem "Say." People at Parties' sound has been called "not safe for daytime," and "early 80's goth undertone with heavy hitting hip-pop quality" The Boston Phoenix picked "Happy Birthday" as one of 2011's best new songs. Band members include Lori Key Napolitano (vocals), Becky Kupersmith (keyboard), and Kelly "Lay Lay" Harris (drums). Read more about The Jewish Museum Presents PICTURES PARTY, 7/18 by www.broadwayworld.com”