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Pelvic Meatloaf / Press

"I'm beyond suprized with such a stupid ass name there pretty good!!"

Tyler Dundas - Youtube

"Some 'Skull Crushing, brutally hardcore groove metal' here. These guys are proud of their 20 year old independent band, they are unsigned and make metal because they fucking love it. Fantastic. Almost as fantastic as their fucking beards! Check them out and buy their CD!"

Metal Music Album Reviews

"The number of the Beast remake! WOW! def different awesome spin on a classic jam!"

Kyle Lugenbeal

"I just bought my copy of Pelvic Meatloafs new album and its the sickest album ive heard in a long time! Ive been waiting for a band like these MF! I cant wait to see them in concert!"

Spencer David Hill

"OH NO!! I can't stop listening to it!!! Oh GOD I'm lost in a Pelvic Revolution!!"

Jacob Walter

"Wow fucking Bad ASS seriously normally I don't get into heavy heavy heavy metal but I found myself bangin with this song . (Stronger Than You)"

Bob Klinghagen

"Your album is so metal it broke my car CD player."

Robert Danford

"This shit shreds! Pelvic Meatloaf for Congress!"

Nick Dee

"I smell like cigarette smoke and tramp sweat. Just got Rick rolled and there's a guy in a wheelchair in the pit. Pretty awesome!"

Shawn Kieth

"I don't know what the best part of the show was...Pelvic Meatloaf Rick Rollin themselves, the chick that face-planted from a failed stage dive attempt, or the dude that took a digger while crowd surfing on his wheelchair"

Sawgy Kush (Virulent)

"I have not had a good time like that in a long fucking time! Woke up face sore, eye swollen and turning black. I got head butted in the face in the pit! Haven't been fucked up since Pantera! Thanks Byron Filson & Pelvic Meatloaf, it was fucking awesome. I'll take a black eye for y'all any day!"

Adam Hoskins

"23 years in the game, more powerful now than some bands that have been on label money for 5 years! Believe!!!!! "

Willis Day Jr

"Damage and destruction straight from the heart!!!! "

Brandon Dixon

“One listen to Stronger Than You illustrates exactly why there's still so much buzz around Pelvic Meatloaf.”

“I’m going on record to say that this is my new all-time favorite album from an Arizona-based band.”