Paul Manousos / Press

"Check out “Getting Better” or “One Eye Open” for some prime examples. “The Way You (Ooo Eee)” is another revved up and rocking cut that if it doesn’t cheer you up, you’re dead."

"Paul Manousos' songwriting bristles with an Elvis Costello-like zeal that separates this Californian from his songwriting contemporaries."

"Finding Quality Via Quantity – Most year-end lists include a limited number of albums. Does anyone seriously think there are only a few albums released each year that are worth recommending and hearing? I’ve attempted to include every good album released this year, not just an inherently arbitrary Best Of. You might conclude from scanning this list that I heard every indie album released. Didn’t happen – not even close. In 2010 I proved conclusively, once again, that no one can hear everything that comes out."

"Men heeft het wel eens over de “Best Kept Secret”. Wel ik denk dat in de muziekwereld de naam van Paul Manousos een “kept secret” is. Daar kan ik enkel iets aan doen door luid van de daken te schreeuwen: luister naar deze man, speel deze man op de radio, haal hem over voor een concert, en vooral: koop deze plaat. Met zekerheid een lijstjesplaat!" (Lisael)

"Paul Manousos is from Alameda, California. After listening to C’mon, C’mon, I learned that his music is definitely the best-kept secret. He has created his own sort of genre, with a classic rock sort of sound within the music, and has an amazing quality to his voice. Everything about his music makes you want to keep on listening."

"The crafty troubadour: So many musicians try to stick out these days with cross-genre hybrids and other assorted gimmicks that sometimes it’s refreshing to hear someone just focused on songwriting."

"San Francisco Bay Area troubadour Paul Manousos is back with his third solo album, on which he continues to distill a seasoned approach to rootsy rock and blues. Manousos has a voice that oozes classic rock, at times recalling such legends as Mick Jagger, Tom Petty and even Otis Redding."

“ "There’s a nice stretch of tunes at the end of C’mon C’mon in which Manousos really opens up his talents. “Big Walls” is probably the album’s best song, a bluesy piano song in which he quietly muses on street-level revolution. Following this is a pair of songs which take up a panoramic scope and really draw in the listener: “Wichita Lineman” and “Getting Out.””

“C'Mon C'Mon (Shock & Fall Recordings) It takes more than one half-attentive listen to the title track to see that Manousos is influenced by anyone other than Van Morrison, so I'm proud to report that I bit the bullet – I ...”

"when Manousos hits the target he hits it dead center. Our favorite tracks include "Getting Better" (an absolutely gripping tune), "R.E.D.," and "Getting Out.""

“ "Paul Manousos was a good singer/songwriter before, but he really seems to have hit his stride on C’mon C’mon." ”

"Hailing from the San Francisco Bay, Paul Manousos, is just about to release his third solo record, C'mon, C'mon. Manousos was a sideman in a few other bands before he started releasing his own music in 2005."