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Paul Luftenegger + Award Winning / Press

“The album is dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and OWN Television Network as a way of expressing his gratitude and to say thank you for helping him heal and move on from his father’s 2011 suicide. Winfrey’s own story of overcoming adversity — together with his own journey — is something Luftenegger said is reflected in the message of Love Expanding Love. “When you have a trauma in your life, what you expose yourself afterwards sets the dial for your consciousness. I am so glad there was something to support me that was positive,” Luftenegger said “Everyone suffers from adversity, some difficult situation, everyone can overcome it by becoming the captain and master of your soul and fate.” Love Expanding Love is available on iTunes. For more information, visit www.paulluftenegger.com.”

“Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, Glenn Close, The Prince of Cambodia, Government Leaders and Millions of People Unite With Paul Luftenegger's Work Inspiring Global Love and Kindness Through Music November 11, 2014 (MMD Newswire) -- Paul Luftenegger releases his international album titled "LOVE EXPANDING LOVE" in more than 120 countries around the world on November 11th, 2014. He aims to encourage global love and kindness through positive conscious music asking beautiful hearts to get involved by creating a LOVE+WAVE from heart to heart around the world by word of mouth. His international album is dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and OWN Television Network as a way of expressing his gratitude and to say "thank you" for helping him heal and move on from the tragic suicide of his father that happened in 2011. Paul Luftenegger is a Canadian independent international multi award winning singer and songwriter. LOVE EXPANDING LOVE is his new grassroots record publicly funded by LOVE+MONEY”

“Now based in London, England, former Forest City singer-songwriter Paul Luftenegger has found new ways to keep expanding the reach of his music of love and healing. Luftenegger’s album Love Expanding Love was released Tuesday in more than 120 countries. It’s available via iTunes. “Today has been a dream come true and it was one that I dreamed back when I was 11 years old (at St. Mary Catholic elementary school choir and orchestra program) . . . in London Ontario imagining a life creating music to help our world with love,” Luftenegger said in a Tuesday e-mail. “Fast forwarding to today, being here in London, England, my life is a dream and my new album is receiving incredible feedback from beautiful hearts from around the world.” Luftenegger’s “positive conscious music” is part of a new wave of uplifting and healing sounds, he said. It has attracted support from fans and figures in Hollywood, politics and royal circles. “The whole album’s dedicated t”

““I realized it’s my responsibility being gay to actually have a voice,” he said. “It set the tone of my album because I realized I could dedicate songs to people and it really impacts hearts . . . and it (reflects the theme of) my album, just to inspire kindness.” Luftenegger isn’t sure where his music career will go from here, but he knows the type of message he wants to spread with his talent. “In order to help others heal, you have to have healed yourself,” he said. “I’m at that point where it’s time to move on and find out what’s next. I have a whole other album written and I’m prepared to do that at the point where I’m happy with the results of (Diamond Light).””

“Music has always been part of Paul Luftenegger’s life. Now, the 37-year-old independent musician is putting more of his life into his music. Clearly soaked in personal experience and injected with his own positive convictions about life, love and the state of the globe, Luftenegger’s first professional recording Diamond Light releases Jan. 14. Recorded in Toronto and produced by Canadian Arun Chaturvedi (Jim Brickman, Luke McMaster), the album has been a long time coming for Luftenegger, who will perform a lion’s share of the material plus a brand new song during his first solo performance in London Jan. 17 at Wolf Performance Hall. The opportunity to perform on stage in London is something Luftenegger is describing as a dream come true. “I will never forget doing this,” he said.”

“A London singer-songwriter- activist shares a personal message in the hope that it reaches to the Sochi Winter Olympics in this week's Reaney's Pick video. It's Only Love is a message about healing, pride and purpose from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Paul Luftenegger has directed its message to support a Chatham-area gay teen and toward the Sochi Winter Games, where Russian anti-gay legislation has led to protests. "It's all about growing up basically being gay and how things have changed from when I was a kid to now," he said Monday. "It's the best blessing I've had in my life. Thank God that I'm gay actually." The longest song Luftenegger has written is heard in a hushed and confessional performance in the video. It's Only Love is also to be heard on Friday when he celebrates the release of his album Diamond Light at the Wolf Performance Hall. Luftenegger said Tuesday he was impressed by U.S. President Barack Obama's naming...”

“Talking With Paul Luftenegger - Part I: Suicide, Gay Rights, and The Therapy of Music. 6 Interview Questions Answered: 1. When you were 10, you were already auditioning for St. Mary's Choir in Canada. When did you begin to sing? 2. What attracted you to music? 3. Who are your artistic influences and in what ways have they impacted you creatively? 4. "It's Only Love" is a beautifully moving anthem for gay rights that looks at the issue on a human, personal but not political level. What kind of response have you received for it thus far? 5. Do you feel that Canada has had a more open and tolerant view of gay rights than the U.S.? 6. Your father committed suicide in 2011. Did that inspire you to begin working with mental-health organizations?”

“LUFTENEGGER INSPIRES - PAUL LUFTENEGGER RECEIVED A HANDWRITTEN LETTER FROM O MAGAZINE IN NEW YORK THANKING HIM FOR HIS LATEST ALBUM, DIAMOND LIGHT Through the power of his inspirational music London singer-songwriter Paul Luftenegger is gaining national and international recognition. Luftenegger’s latest single, ‘It’s Only Love’ has been viewed over 30,000 times on YouTube and he was recently honoured by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for his commitment to suicide awareness. In addition, ‘Diamond Light,’ a single from his album of the same name, made it to the finals of the 2013 International Songwriting Competition and eventually garnered an Honourable Mention Award. “I almost fell over when I found out. It took my breath away with gratitude. I have worked so hard trying to make waves of love and kindness around the world since losing my dad to suicide almost three years ago,” said Luftenegger in a press release...”

“Paul Aims To Inspire Others Through His Gospel Music - Royal Gazette, Hamilton Bermuda Weekend Edition Former Bermuda resident Paul Luftenegger, who uses music to inspire kindness in others, is a finalist in a large online songwriting competition. Mr Luftenegger, formerly worked at Arnold’s Supermarket but now lives in Canada with his Bermudian husband, Cori Brown. After leaving Bermuda he took up song writing full time and has produced three albums, the third Diamond Light will be released in January. Meanwhile his song from that album, also called Diamond Light has been selected for the USA Songwriting Competition, open to songwriters from around the world. Voting for the competition ended yesterday. He was a finalist in the gospel/inspirational category. “It is an online competition,” said Mr Luftenegger. “My song has been selected out of tens of thousands of songs to take part.” His aim as a singer and songwriter is to inspire “global kindness”...”

“London musician Paul Luftenegger hopes his music will inspire people to overcome adversity and find strength within themselves. Overcoming adversity and creating healing through music. By Sean Meyer London Community News – Metroland Media Paul Luftenegger knows a lot about facing adversity and finding the strength to not only overcome it, but even prosper from it. The primary tool Luftenegger, 35, has used to overcome all the adversity he has had to cope with has been music. Having released his second album, Worthy, on Feb. 29, Luftenegger is hoping his music will not only continue to feed his own soul, but also the souls of those who hear and feel the impact he can create when sitting at the piano. “Music has always been in the background. I started playing the piano when we moved to London (from St. Thomas when he was eight years old),” Luftenegger said. “My mom was always the pusher of music. And I have to say, it has been the best blessing I ever had in my life as an ou”

“It is devastating. There is enough unguarded emotion in Paul Luftenegger’s latest single, “It’s Only Love,” to fuel a number of break-up ballads. However, Luftenegger’s lyrics aren’t narrating a relationship gone wrong; rather, it illustrates the absence of equality given to LGBT communities, especially concerning gay marriage. “When I was a boy/I knew I loved different than you,” Luftenegger sings, his voice nearly collapsing in sorrow. The crystalline beauty of Luftenegger’s vocals recalls the wounded vulnerability and boyish innocence of Roger Hodgson of Supertramp. The music, too, with its melodic, Beatles-esque piano echoes Supertramp’s most evocative moments. However, the tone here is quite melancholy; there is profound sadness beneath these words, a yearning for acceptance that is personal and not merely socio-political. “It’s only love/It doesn’t hurt anyone,” goes the chorus, and with this Luftenegger summarizes the wrongness of preventing gays from”

“Paul Luftenegger is an openly gay international singer/songwriter from Canada who says he writes music that fosters conversation. Here is his story about this song: I am writing you today to share my story of the past three years – Namely, to highlight my work making my LOVE come to life to help others through sound recordings that help the healing process. At our best, we are all helping each other heal. On March 6th, 2011 my life changed beyond measure. While visiting my parents at my childhood home my Mom and I found my Father hanging by a rope on a very cold Sunday morning. There is nothing that could ever prepare anyone for something as tragic as finding their Father dead by his own hand and there is no one that could ever understand the anguish of unfolding this disaster from then to now, here with these words, writing you with hope in my heart for all life to love. I remember within the first two days of my trauma making the most serious statement I had ever made to myself...”

“POP MAKING SENSE MUSIC REVIEW BY WINDY CITY MEDIA GROUP - CHICAGO ILLINOIS USA Special to the online edition of Windy City Times by David Byrne with Tony Peregrin August 8th, 2013 As a call for compassion throughout the world, Paul Luftenegger released "It's Only Love." Fans of Lana Del Rey or Mazzy Star can appreciate the soft arrangement matched with thought-provoking lyrics. The openly-gay Canadian looks to himself and history to show he understands where others are coming from as he sings, "When you claim your hate, I know you hurt… What you do to me, is already done to you." The video is vintage home video from a family vacation at the beach. Luftenegger's forthcoming album Diamond Light is due out in January and also contains the singles "Universal Love," "You're a Star" and "Mending."”

“When four boys assaulted an openly gay Chatham teen back in May it stirred up many emotions in London singer/songwriter Paul Luftenegger. Luftenegger was also assaulted years ago while living in Bermuda for no reason other than his sexual preference. So the 36-year-old knew he wanted to do something in honour of a young man he was overwhelmingly impressed by. “I know what it is like to be in Grade 8, dealing with these emotions and the world is much faster than when I was a child,” Luftenegger said. “The fact this boy was openly gay in Grade 8 is incredible to me. It also reminds me that we have a responsibility to protect our children. That ultimately comes from parents having a discussion with their children about the importance of accepting people for who they are.” With that in mind, Luftenegger dedicated one of the songs on his upcoming third album Diamond Light to the Chatham teen. It’s Only Love is what he called his “different spin” on being gay.”

“Paul Luftenegger is a man of many passions and he has found inspiration in personal tragedy. "Diamond Light" is his latest release, taken from a forthcoming album of the same name. It's been a three year project, working with the talented, prolific and highly successful producer/arranger Arun Chaturvedi. To find out more about the man, his music and his inspirational causes, link to his Music To Inspire Global Kindness.”

“Songwriter moved by courage of teen and support of his family. A singer/songwriter from London has dedicated his latest song called It's Only Love to a gay Chatham teenager who was attacked last month by four teenagers. Paul Luftenegger told The Daily News Wednesday the story has brought a great deal of awareness to the sad truth of the reality of hate crimes and an opportunity to improve communities in relation to LGBT awareness and acceptance. "After hearing about this story being so close to home, coupled with the increase in hate crimes globally related to LGBT issues, the timing coincided perfectly for a song I had recorded on my new album Diamond Light,'' he said. Luftenegger said the song It's Only Love is essentially about his story growing up and accepting himself through a great deal of diversity and challenges in relation to homophobia quite similar to what the Chatham teenager experienced.”

“LOVE FROM LUFTENEGGER - PAUL LUFTENEGGERʼS MUSIC EXPRESSES COMPASSION AND EMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER FROM LGBT HATE CRIMES - JUNE 21, 2013 London Musician/Entrepreneur Paul Luftenegger recently released the single, ‘It’s Only Love’ from his full-length album, Diamond Light. Luftenegger says he was motivated to post the song online, in part, by the story of the Grade 8 student in Chatham who was attacked recently because he is gay. “I was not going to release the song first, but when I read about the boy in Chatham and what’s going on in the States with the same sex legal marriage issue up for a vote in the Supreme Court, I thought it was time. And there are so many hate crimes going on. There was one in New York and in Paris recently. So all this stuff going on really sparked me,” said Luftenegger. As a gay man, Luftenegger has certainly faced his share of adversity and discrimination, so ‘It’s Only Love’ has a deep personal meaning for him.”

“This album is a collection of beautiful piano ballads. Paul's songs are stripped to just his voice and piano accompaniment, and this adds raw emotion to the songs. "Worthy" is a very empowering song which includes the following lyrics: "you are worthy of love, you are worthy of your dreams, you are worthy of everything..."”

“The sound of the 27 minutes plus album is v. hushed & confessional, something like Joni Mitchell’s River but with vocals rarely rising above an intense whisper. Lines about there being no antidote for the pain but it’s time to move on may look flat on the page . . . with Luftenegger’s approach though they have the effect of an inner debate being resolved.”

“The inspiration Luftenegger said he hopes his music brings appears to be taking hold. He has had people write him about his music, about the words he writes, from people not only across Canada, but from countries such as England, Argentina and Denmark. “I have had amazing people write me about this. It hopefully touches your heart. It is an amazing thing when you can capture an emotion in a moment,” Luftenegger said. “I love that about art, everything about art, about creation. I am from London, it is my home, and I hope this all grows from a tiny nucleus to the rest of the world.” For more information visit his website at www.paulluftenegger.com.”

“LONDON FREE PRESS PAUL LUFTENEGGER SHARES HEART AND LOVE - James Reaney May 24, 2013 JBNBlog is happy to have the chance to share these words, music & images from London-tied artist/activist Paul Luftenegger. Here is a little more background from his website . . . Paul is among those reaching out & expressing solidarity with a Grade 8 student in Chatham who was attacked because he is gay. Solidarity here too. (Over to Paul about It’s Only Love): “It’s Only Love” was written to share my story growing up gay and judging myself because of what I was taught. I believe we are at a critical point in human evolution of our spirit and collective consciousness. My hope is that “It’s Only Love” makes its way to the Supreme Court in the U.S.A. during this monumental opportunity for equality for all LGBT Communities around the Globe. My intention is to inspire hearts in our World to be kind. Kindness is everything.”