Patrimony / Press

“There is such a mellow-dramatic and disrespectful imagery that a Band/Artist is supposed to be these days. Patrimony stands against it.”

Alex Duchfield - Ponder Music

“I first heard a song called "Ms. Daisy" and all the elements were there. Highly recommended.”

“Songs like "Advocate Of The Blues" are hot and primal, pairing a glossy veneer with devilishly satisfying grime. On "Advocate", guttural guitar chugs ahead out of the gate in front of Martell's howling voice. The rest is a barreling freight train of rock and roll.”

The Source Weekly, Bend Oregon

“MEDAL TO ME is a kick-ass, no-nonsense sledgehammer of power and truth, lyrical arrows that punch and jab in a rhythmical mesh that shakes my soul and rattles my skull simultaneously. .”

David Namerow

“Patrimony is a young trio with an ageless sound; rootsy blues, psychedelic, garage, punk, muscular rock n roll.”

Go Magazine, Bend Oregon

“Patrimony is a rock band. Not an alt.rock band, not a punk band, not a too cool for school band...they just rock. Traditionally so...which is a breath of fresh air. When I say traditionally so, I mean it.”

“Angels can't get their wings until they listen to Patrimony.”

Dalton Moehnke - DM Entertainment

“The other cool thing is their use of the xylophone. Not in a dreamy happy way or in a spacey way...somehow they make that rock too. Not since "Closer to the Heart" by Rush has this been accomplished to my knowledge.”