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parker BOMBSHELL / Press

“Great songs! Love & Peace, Judith”

Vienna, Austria

“Thank you for making my day today. I woke up thinking, I need some Parker in my life. And boy....was I right... love ya J”

JV, Chicago,

“Outstanding songwriting, great sound. I'll be back for more, Martin”

Tiny Blake, Vianna Austria

“You guys are fantastic!”

Red River Crossing , Greenville, SC

“This is the first song I've listen to on this site....nice big full ,well produced sound....hypnotic vocals and clean instrumentation make this a pleasure to listen to.....not sure of the title...but another of your songs has started on my player...very versitle sounds you guys create.....third song now playing.....love a piano opener...great job !!”

Lucindra Louisville, Ky

“Matthew Meadows just superb \m/”

Seattle, WA

“Anchorage Alaska Enjoyin your superb music! Hope you have a great weekend!”

Motherwell, UK

“MPURIA Wow! Having musicians this talented around makes me rock harder! Have a great summer,keep on delivering!-JK http://www.facebook.com/pages/IMPURIA/115583945152144 ”

Los Angeles, CA

“great music ~ great mix ~ super power pop ~ positive vibes”

pinksideofthemoon Fan Los Angeles, CA, US

“The storm is gone it left behind love bubbles! for you!”

PROMIZE™ Fan Greenfield, MA, US

“Awesome!!! Great music”


"PARKER" does not just crank out music..they take you on a complete experience! The music is amazing and so well produced that a headset would never be needed. I love "Karma"..but then..everything on here is my favorite.

Delaney Simpson San Francisco, CA, US

“Thrilled to see that you guys are doing so well. Your tunes are killer....I'd rather hear you guys on the radio than most of the $#!^ they play these days! Rock on. Please. Sep 04 ”

Kayt Lucas Toronto, ON, CA

"PARKER" does not just crank out music..they take you on a complete experience! The music is amazing and so well produced that a headset would never be needed. I love "Karma"..but then..everything on here is my favorite

Delaney Simpson San Francisco, CA, US

“You have a very cool site and a happening sound!”

Pat Branch,New York, NY, US

“Hey my brothers name is Parker! These guys must be good and guess what they are Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Promize ,Greenfield, MA, US

“Oh, what a great band Parker is. Yup”

Alex Campo Fan Rockwall, TX, US

“Super LOVE for PARKER (。◕‿◕。) ★ ♫••♪•.¸¸¸♫• ♫••♫•”

T Dawn Fan Riverside, CA, US

“Handsome voices! Amazing melodic”

Crypto Bass Fan Mesa, CO, US

“Another great Canadian band! AWESOME!!!!! Keep Rockin' Toronto! Props from Woodstock!!”

limey59 Fan Woodstock, ON, CA

“Beautiful songs”

walytours, valencia, ES

“These songs are fantastic - production, vocals, arrangements, you name it”


“your music is like a glass of fresh water”

DeathPunx, Idaho

“PARKER. Another artist that makes people stop and take notice with every track this 4 piece Canadian band gives us, ‘Just Say When’ was no exception. Taken from their album ‘Bombshell’ the track shows that ideas and talent go hand in hand with these guys, the music melding with Tom McNeil’s vocals perfectly to bring the most riveting sounds, tinged with an 80’s flavour but ‘now’ in taste.”

“Parker’s ‘Oblivion’ shows a versatility to their music that many artists never achieve but without losing their strength which is song writing supreme. From their album ‘Bombshell’ this jewel is one of those special tunes that has you singing along to it even though you have never heard it or anything like it before, it is like you and it already know each other, a rare thing to come across. ”

Reputation Radio U.K.

"Bomp chicka wow wow."

The Firmary,Cleveland, Ohio

"If I was this song I would love myself. Great song."

Temple Scene, London, England

“cool groove and killer vocals!”

N.O.T.E,Chino, CA, US

“Love your songs!”


“Twenty-Twenty Great work overall. Your harmonies and melody were standouts to me here. Your lead vocal is very winning and always catches my attention. The productions was top notch and the arrangement was different and enjoyable. I love words and yours told a great story here. All around cool! Well done! Wish you all the best! Much love!”

Jet Set Jacksonville, FL

“What Happened To Me? stunningly beautiful!”


“Head Down Love this song. It's so beautifully retro. ”

Agua Trip ,New York and Nashville

“There's something I'm doing right now that I've done several times since first hearing Parker's music, which I would highly recommend to other Parker fans. When I wake up, I get my coffee brewing, then figure out my "To-Do" list of what my plan is for the day. Next, I queue up the Parker playlist!! Every time at least one of the tracks gets stuck in my head and ushers me effortlessly through the work day. Thanks for the music, Parker!”

GNOS-TEL-JAH, Santa Barbara, CA, US

“Parker Now that's some oooo-wee right there!”

Maxx Seville ,Riverside, Ca

“Parker rocks! Great songs.”

Alex Campo, Roxwall,TX

“Draw Me In Whether it's the smooth vocals or just the catchy riffs in these songs, Parker always draws me back in for more. I've been listening to this album for over a year now, and never get tired of it. I will be on the hook for new material by this band . . . I just can't get enough!!!”


“I LOVE IT!!! Great songs!!! Soothing melodies with passionate lyrics and beautiful vocals! These songs tell stories that draw you in and make you feel connected to the music! Buy this album!”


“I'm not sure exactly where this band is hiding, but I find it difficult to believe that they aren't at the top of the pop charts.”

Vanessa Littrell

"Another Great Depression" Although a Demo at the Moment , I thought it Deserved a Review, so here we go. Even in Demo Version, this Track has the Polish and Style of an already Great Track. The Compassion and Pride Parker put into all there work , is truly a Marvel. To Release a Demo of this calibre, even at an Idea stage, is Awsome. But when a Band such as Parker do this, youre in for a Treat.

Mortimer's Crypt

“Everything was in the pocket, where it should be. An original sound is hard to come by but you guys found it......the song has a haunting feel to it but a drive that makes ya want to get up and dance. The chorus is solid....makes ya want to keep listening and play it over and over......”

: Michelle Vanda

“great music!!!”

xavier,Castres, FR

“upper level top drawer sounds..”

Maxmus uzern, LU, CH

“hello from France, thanks for your good voice and music”

Groupe Ionosphere France

“parker Just Say When Nice arrangement! LOVE the meter change in this arrangement! It’s very effective and takes the song to a whole new level each time the chorus comes back around. Really creative and just a brilliant move musically. Great work!”

Jeremy and Rebecca. Southern California

“Lip-Synch: I really love the sound of this song! Love all of Parker’s songs but this one I could listen to all day. The guitar is great, love the words and the melody, it, like all of Parker’s songs really put me in a better place, I have to listen to this song and the others at least once a day to get any work done.”

double D Chicago

“Hey Parker! great site .. I love your music a lot!! ~♥♫♪~ Bright blessings for you all~ Lots of Love ~”


“I am struck every time I hear “What Happened to Me” by the beauty in the simple arrangement and emotional vocals. I’m completely pulled into the web created by this awesome music. It is so clean and clear, it provides a perfect layer of sound behind the vocal – which is stunning. This is exactly the kind of song that pulls at my heart and soul. I feel like Parker has captured December just for me”

Joy@play SW Ohio

“parker’s Love Myself This dude’s vocal tone reminds me of that Chris Isaacs guy from the 80s. Wow, the chorus just kicked in! NICE. Didn’t expect that. all of a sudden, I just got drop kicked in the throat with a sick beat, and powerful vocals. I LOVE that. nice contrast. way to draw me in. Overall a cool track.”

Kurtis Parks Nashville,TN

“Excellent tunes. Keep it up!”

Pat SavageToronto, ON, CA

“Lip-Synch Another classic - Man – you know how to paint a picture… great work as always!”


“Solid music! Great vocals and harmony, lyrics. Rock with a soothing feel to it. Superb musicality. Overall am totally impressed with all your music. Song may be 18 Stories Down, but you are at the top! Am really looking forward to listening to the rest of your tracks based on this one. Keep on rockin’ guys!”

R.D. Girard Tustin, CA

“ parker -18 Stories Down I really liked this its different, your sound is unique as well as your lyrics. Best of luck to you.”

Kat DiNorcia- Ourstage

“Great stuff, guys! Distinct vocals and some really interesting instrumental choices in the BIG choruses! Intense and powerful! Peace.”

Pete Toronto, ON, CA

“Really fantastic songs with great production! Watch out Sam Roberts, Parker packs a punch!”


“Get your jiggy on!!! You are one of my favorite indie bands. You know this, but I have to say it again!!!”

Living Picture Show Gardnerville, NV, US

“Wow! What a fresh original sound you have! Great job”

Maureen Santiago Minneapolis, MN, US

“Great tunes guys “Love Myself” “18 Stories Down”keep em coming great sound & vocals;) Much success to you!”

The Fores West Midlands, UK.

“Love a husky voice. ‘Love Myself’ great harmonies great song all round. Brilliant production too. Love it.”

Dee1962z Manchester, UK

“ “Love Myself”. U2′ish to some degree. Great artist for sure. Solid vocals when they come in and I like the vibe of that tune. heavy duty.”

Wayne Sanelli Vancouver, BC, CA

““Love Myself” fantastic track….”

Planet RoninSan Jose, CA, US

“Another Great Depression (Demo) Oh I like this! Warm and mysterious sounding.”

The Rails Toronto, On.

“to have a double take on Love Myself ,20/20 hit the spot first off . Well done guys well produced work, look forward to hear more from you. Best luck and a V”

Dave. Crawley (GB

“Ur work is hot, hope to hear it one day on the radio. Give it gold stars !”

Atrius Brooklyn, NY

“Amazing,connection here my friend.I really dig Love myself,excelent track in All senses.Keep the good work.ROCK ON!”

PEPELUX Sevilla, 41909, ES

““Just Say When”, with beautiful arrangement of strings used to build up the hook; you will find yourself craving this song non-stop. All in all, I can, without a doubt, say this will not be the last we hear of Parker.”

Susie Why? - Toonage

“Bombshell is a promising debut that demonstrates the power of a well crafted pop song.”