Pantaleimon / Press

“Degens is a multi-instrumentalist but she doesn’t weave her music in traditional formats. Her songs have cool flowing qualities and she has a wonderful smooth voice that really makes her music work on a variety of levels. This is an exceedingly interesting album full of magical tracks. Our favorites include “Ember,” “Another World,” “Morning Star,” and “Summer Reigns.” Way cool stuff… TOP PICK.””

““Degens has thus far avoided mainstream critical attention. On the evidence here, this is nothing short of criminal. Apart from possessing a wonderful voice, she also demonstrates a keen ear for subtle yet layered arrangements, and a knack for compositions that are, at times, incredibly moving.The lilting vocal melody, coupled with the gentle swell of soft, subtle strings at the beginning of ‘Ember’ is reminiscent of ‘She Moved Through the Fair,’ a traditional Celtic folk song that’s been performed by everyone from Van Morrison to Boyzone via All About Eve, Fairport Convention and Sinead O’Connor. But it soon grows, blossoming into a rich electric folk-rock song, buttoned down by a strolling bass line and meandering fiddle. But Andria’s voice remains the focus and focal point of the dreamy number that sets the tone and pace for an album that’s delicate yet solid. The title track is a clear standout: haunting, evocative, musically and emotionally deep ....."”

“Andria's voice is a wonderful mix of gentle, ethereal and seductive and the overall combination is a win.From the sweet sounds of “Ember”, the opening track to “Elevation Of A Dream” to “If I (Was)”, the flow is consistent; the aural canvas is richly colored and there is a soothing feeling that envelopes the listener. Granted, this is not my usual fare, but I have easily been converted and now look to hear more of Andria Degens’ work.”

“Most enigmatic and enticing is “Eagle Turning,” a Dead Can Dance-like track which places Degens’ voice on a bed of strings and just lets the mystery be. Strange and gorgeous, The Butterfly Ate the Pearl is an excellent calling card for an artist to whom attention must be paid."”

““Andria Degens isn’t a name I’ve ever heard before but she’s the creative force behind musical project Pantaleimon. This album is going to be difficult for me to describe. It’s truly inspired and so above my head in places that I experienced a transcendent period of time while listening to it. The closest comparison I can come up with is this: Depeche Mode and a heavenly choir of angels. The Butterfly Ate The Pearl is equal parts minimalistic genius and complex, divine rhythms. The overall feeling I had when this was playing was wistfulness. That slightly sad, nostalgic feeling we all feel on occasion. While this is not the kind of music that I normally listen to I did enjoy my journey through this piece. In my experience, this is a unique album full of music that’s destined to thrill and mystify audiences everywhere.””

"Tall Trees" - An absolutely gorgeous four song EP...""... with heartbreakingly gorgeous vocals like some lost outtake from the soundtrack to Twin Peaks or one of Julee Cruise's Lynch/Badalamenti classics..."

"Cloudburst" - the splendor of nature springs from her elliptical guitar instrumentals that draw favorable comparisons to the likes of Marissa Nadler and Steven R. Smith.

“It seems that songs like these could only emerge from a soul that has been through a great deal of pain, only to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever. This is completely real and powerful music that can change and heal. The simplicity is monumental and the intent is strong. 10/10 ”

"Mercy Oceans" There are some beautiful songs here, some of which might even propel Degens into the more mainstream end of the current folk scene. Recommended.

“Heart Of The Sun" is becoming the record we listen to both early in the morning and then late at night as we surrender to sleep. So beautiful! ”