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Painted In Blood / Press

“ Earlier this year, Painted in Blood released the “Carnival of Souls” LP. The disc is a sonic sledgehammer, sure to leave listeners’ heads pounding and hearts pulsing. The band’s fretwork is flexible and its cohesion certain as it moves from tortured, accelerated thrashing to sludgy dirges. Singer Adam Arcane screams, howls and bays his way through the set with character and color. The band completely immerses itself in its morbid milieu – this is a very dark record, sonically and lyrically. Yet, casual observers might be surprised to learn – and delighted to discover – that the band doesn’t forsake melody in the name of mayhem. Tracks such as “Burn,” “Vital Signs” and “Losing Soul” all possess a striking portion of tunefulness. ”

“You either understand horror metal, or you don't It’s hard to lean one way or the other at a Painted in Blood show. That would require being able to think straight during the band’s brain-rattling set. The cymbals crash to the rhythm of the guitars, which release sludgy, late-’80s Soundgarden riffs and punk runs akin to The Misfits and Black Flag. It’s a room-destroying sound as the gruff vocals engage the music in an acidic battle of doom. Despite its heavy sound, the band is not out to destroy all that is good in the world; the members just want to play their favorite music and engage with fans. Of course, they sometimes run into fanatics who actually want to annihilate society, among other things, but Painted in Blood takes it in stride. Arcane says there is a group of people in Columbia’s middle ground who take the music with a wink and a nod. “That’s our fanbase,” he says with a smile”