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Paige & The Reverent Few / Press

"Here is a band that reminds us why live performance still matters. They have that sizzle, charisma and chemistry that elevates them. They have enough aces in their hand - a great lead vocalist, sweet vocal harmony, guitar grooves that zap some Stax and Motown into your rhythm socket, and keen ears for serving up great live songs - that you might want to bet the farm that this band is going on to much bigger things."

Steve Duchrow, Director of Performing Arts ECC Arts Center

“Thursday night I got a chance to see Chicago's very own The Paige DeChausse Band perform at Martyrs'. Yes if the name sounds familiar and you're an American Idol fan you're familiar with this raw talent. Paige DeChausse was a finalist on the Season 9 American Idol Hollywood. Well Thursday night Paige and her fellow bandmates came out and rocked it. Each song connected with the audience and the band had a flow that worked great. I found myself no matter if I was standing or sitting wanting to move, sway or rock it out with each song. I particularly love how Paige and her lead guitarist had a rapport that definitely showed on stage, they kept the energy going throughout as she belted out those bluesy rock tunes. Submitted by Tiff-TheFemGeek-Tate on June 1, 2012 - 11:07pm ”

"Your music screams Chicago!"