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Jimmy Willden Band / Press

“Q: When did you start playing your music publicly? Tell us a little about how that started. A: It was just a natural progression. My dad really got me out there at all the open mics when I was younger. Didn’t matter that I was fourteen and hanging out in bars, it was about getting my music out there.”

“Some of my earliest memories are of me with a make-shift microphone (my Dad made for me), dancing around the house, singing Bruce Springsteen songs. At ten, I became obsessed with the Beach Boys, and would get my cousins together, and arrange original songs, with all of us singing the different vocal parts.”

“Singer-songwriters Jimmy Willden and David Martinez ventured far and West this summer to share their songs with strangers. It was a long journey filled with ups and downs but according to Willden, the trip was far more than just the opportunity to play for new faces.”

“Jimmy Willden, David Martinez and Candice Moore are practioners of an artform that -- while not currently in vogue -- is nonetheless a timeless one. The singer-songwriter strips the essence of a song down to its bare bones: a musician's voice and an accompanying instrument. Fans of the genre will tell you that nothing is as vulnerable as the lone singer sharing a deeply personal tale in the framework of a song that's free from the clutter of modern production. Honesty, it seems to this observer, never lacks an audience.”