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Rattlin Bone / Press

“...dirty, grimy and sexy...they sound like catching chlamydia in Louisiana. I like it”

Fan - Twitter

“Dr John meets Nick Cave and Mark Ribot in a dark alley...then get all Cramps with horns”

Fan - Twitter

“Like the Dr. Feelgood meets The Cult feel of this. Great blasts of brass and backing vocals too!”

“Brilliantly post-midnight, dark swampy vibe to these awesome tracks..just love the vocals on "drag me down" alongside that seriously deep funk, and knocked out by that cool climbing horn riff for Diddley's "who do you love"..a scorching version that totally takes off and flies. Amazing skills guys!”

Mike White Presents - RN Comments

“OMG! LOVE it but Ray was talking to me at the beginning so I need to hear it again LOL! Earphone volume UP!! (Little Gina)”


“I freakin' LOVE this!!! This is amazing!!!! I keep getting tangled in my headphone cord dancing (Little Gina)”

“'Leon Redbone meets Dr John' (of Yesterday Is Here)”

“'Sound like they should be leading the parade up Main St in New Orleans...pretty damn awesome'”

“Great original swampy tunes with the essence of Tom Waits, Fantastic album from start to finish. A must-have for fans of blues, swamps, zombies and Tom Waits. Came across this in a search for some new music, and loved it-'The Life and Death Of" is a solid album and won a fan of Rattlin Bone in me.”

“I come across very few albums or artists of this quality. There is loads of music around, but this, stands out miles”

“Just discovered @rattlinbone and their "zombie cabaret" voodoo/swamp/awesome music. Must see them again!”

“Sounds like Tom Waits with a Blues Orchestra”

“Damn good sound..played this bands tune a short while back and it is still ringing in my ears”

“Little Gina! Choon! Makes me wanna go smoke malboros in shadowy corners!”

Rik Hosken - Facebook

“The night ended triumphantly with 14 piece rock and roll burlesque gypsy voodoo jazz from Rattlin Bone, complete with deranged clowns. Soulful backing singers, a jazz band and the raspy rocker vocals of the lead singer demonstrated the band’s ability to transcend the boundaries of musical genre and create a sound uniquely theirs. The band’s cover of Merle Travis’ Sixteen Tons was a crowd pleaser, keeping the audience on their feet after a night of heavily-involved shape-throwing.”

“Anyone who is undecided whether to get this or not - go on and treat your musical tastebuds. (Review of new album 'The Life And Death Of...')”

“Dark Swampy And Theatrical-What More Can One Ask? Deep, dark New Orleans style with heaps of UK punk/rockabilly attitude. Slightly sinister yet still with an air of fun - really hope to see these guys live.....”

“Addictively Sinister”

“Part of the underground zombie burlesque and voodoo circus scene with a hellishly good brass section, smooth and seductive backing vocals and a lead voice that reeks of bourbon and candlelight, Rattlin Bone is an incredibly tight 14 piece band out of London, England. And I do have to say, their leader - Mr. Wily Bo Walker - is one of my favorite people. He is not only an amazing talent, but damned nice guy, too. (And yes, you can tell him I said so.)”

“'Fabulous horns and a dark, smoky voice dominate this track “Speaking of Happiness.”'”

"…sounds like Tom Waits has gone to Hell and formed a voodoo band!!!"