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Cornmeal / Press

“Feet First is a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, finger-snapping tour de force”

Illinois Entertainer

“With all five members furiously jamming on their instruments, the harmonies intertwined in a roaring cascade of electric jamgrass. Each song stretched from a steady lead-in to an explosion of frantic dialogues between banjo, guitar, fiddle, drums and string bass.”

The Indypendent

“They excel at playing a very user-friendly bluegrass-jam fusion—music I can only take in small doses—but just when I’ve had it with the doodley-do and the do-si-do, they take a seductive detour into jazz, funk, or rock.”

Chicago Reader

“An acoustic-electric quintet, Cornmeal is cross-genre bluegrass, dippin' into improvisational rock, newgrass and folk that's routinely accented with show-stealing fiddle.”

Creative Loafing

“Cornmeal is more than bluegrass. Think of them as a 21st Century ode to what was (finger-picking hoe downs) and what could be (futuristic, high-speed jam grass)”


“They can go from pure, soft, and sweet to raw, unadulterated, and hard jam in the shortest of build ups and revert just as quickly without compromising melody in the slightest.”


“If there's one thing to be said about Cornmeal it's that they are consistent. They give their all every time they play, which, when combined with their equally tenacious approach to the art of creating live music, continues to make them an act to watch out for.”


“Cornmeal's jam-band take on traditional bluegrass is breezy and sprightly, utilizing banjo, fiddle, and upright bass in the service of good-time, groove-oriented tunes.”

Madison Verve

“They left us in a daze of bluegrass bliss with nothing left to do but recover on Sunday morning.”

The Grateful Web