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Charlie Scopoletti / Press

“Pop/Rock Singer Charlie Scopoletti Defies the Odds, Beating Cancer Twice and Surviving Other Adversity – The Result is ‘Perspective Music’ & His Album, ‘Truth"”

"So uplifting that you can’t help but to get lost in his music.

"He has learned to keep fighting, and this music is a testimony to that fight"

“Singer/Songwriter Charlie Scopoletti is a fine example of someone who early on in life took adversity and turned it into an opportunity and just kept right on going from there. Because of this, his songwriting has a unique perspective.””

“Cancer survivor's music, passion leads to Better Than Ezra gig”

Sarah Fine - The Journal News

“Bands enjoy exposure at Alive@Five Charlie Scopoletti and band opened for '90s alternative rock band Better Than Ezra.”

Eve Sullivan - The Stamford Advocate

"Scopoletti is a powerful vocalist who displays two traits of a true rock singer: big range mixed with throaty roughness.