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Sideways Reign / Press

“Excellent songs...There is not a duff track on this debut album and it is well worth your consideration.”

““The solid, raspy rock voice of ‘Sideways Reign’ lead singer Justin Stang is lifting the songs on their album ‘A Stand For All Stages’ to a higher qualitative level. We want to give our full support to the social engagement towards welfare goals by this band, which shows that even tough rockers can demonstrate that they have their hearts beating in the right place.””

"Justin [Stang] has a great rock voice!"

Jack Douglas - (Producer; John Lennon, The Who, Aerosmith)

“...Really nice sounding rock singer...The song is damn good...”

"The exceptional voice of Justin Stang is simply amazing. As a singer/songwriter or a full band, their live show is a must see!"

Quyen Shanahan - (WXPN; Philadelphia)

"Sideways Reign have strong songs and an even stronger work ethic - two qualities which have without a doubt elevated them to the top of the DIY heap. They are definitely an act to keep your eye on."

Bryan Weber - Indie on the Move

"beautiful changes of pace...Casey Dehe hereby sells us a hell of a guitar solo...They sound in most cases a lot braver and more civilized than the rest of the Seattle crowd."

“Needless to say, you should pick up “A Stand For All Stages”...[Sideways Reign is] Good people, no doubt...go hang out with them.”

"...fine guitar playing here. There were some killer-cool guitar solos that just rocked the spot."

"...A refreshingly different sound..."

“Lead singer Justin Stang and lead guitarist Casey Dehe strum nearly identical Taylor guitars in a warm, bright, synchronized fashion while Stang sang with a thunderous raspy voice that shook flimsier items in the room and instantly demanded attention.”

“Sideways Reign are, all of 'em, outstanding and often astounding musical technicians, pure listening pleasure and "A Stand For All Stages" is funk-hard-rock masterclass from top to bottom.”

"Overall, this is one good record from a band that can actually write good songs..."

"...very talented...I love the song Fire, Lies and Wine. Justin's (Stang) voice is very catchy and stands out."