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The Lonely Biscuits / Press

“Even though I’ve gotten hip to Gravy and the Biscuits only recently, I listen to their music as if I’ve been a die-hard fan from their very beginning. The Nashville-based group’s sound is inexplicable. They blend hip hop, soul, and funk through their jazzy horns, dope rhymes, and funky melody. That attempt at a description doesn’t even come close to doing the group’s sound justice. You’ll have to listen to understand. PS. Grab Gravy and the Biscuits’ first EP, Soul Food, you won’t regret it. It’s a masterpiece of feel-good-ness that will have you falling in love with their sound over and over again. Every track is a gem. ”

“Gravy and the Biscuits is an odd group. Having a very different, unique but DOPE sound makes them different from the rest and has them gaining fans from all over. Not only is the picture above hilarious but all of their music is dope. This is their newest release. You can grab their entire EP below if you dig this music, only 7 songs but still greatness. ”

“<--- 12/12/11 ---> Gravy & The Biscuits get a little saucy by using The Black Keys as influence in their new single “Sauced.” The guys attend Belmont here in Nashville and continue to show signs to tremendous growth following their Soul Food EP, just released last month. For instance, GATB would be opening for The Fray in Kansas City over the weekend. Talk about a good look. <--- 12/18/11 ---> Check out the latest video from Nashville’s Gravy and the Biscuits for “Sauced.” This is just my prediction but I feel like GATB have a huge 2012 in store. <--- 11/20/11 ---> Gravy and the Biscuits, who reside in Nashville, have the right sound for a good chance at a long and successful career in today’s saturated music industry. John Paterini, their lead singer, has got one hell of a voice. Damn! The added touch of Gravy Wenrich, a white rapper, doesn’t hurt at all and actually meshes well. To see what I mean, check out their new music video for “The Sunset””

“Today I’d like to bring you a very well made 7 song EP that I’ve been holding off on posting till today, Thanksgiving, because of this groups hilariously awesome name. I’d like to present you Gravy and the Biscuits, a 3 piece acoustic powered hip hop / funk group that’s got a unique feel good sound. They’re based out of Nashville, TN,. The live instruments sound great, on top of the soulful John Mayor like singing and then the clever rhymes all together for such a great blend that sounds just right. These three are from the dorms of Belmont University, and although it sounds like the recording quality could be a little better, it’s a very impressive catchy EP, that shows a very bright future for the young trio. All the tracks a great on here, download asap. Check out the refreshing glass of live instruments, singing, and rapping that fills a void you didn’t know was there. Enjoy!”

“Oh boy, am I excited to post this/surprised nobody else got to it before me. Gravy and the Biscuits is a sick new band made up of Gravy Wenrich, Sam Gidley, and John Paterini. They all met when they got to Belmont University and have been making amazing music ever since. Gravy and the Biscuits combines hip-hop, funk, smooth lyrics and soulful vocals to produce the catchiest music I’ve heard in a while. Soul Food, Gravy and the Biscuits’ new EP, contains seven tracks that are great to relax to with exams coming up. My favourite songs, though it was hard to pick, are Soul and Mind and That Sunset. Click play and I bet you won’t be able to stop listening.”

“Hey everyone okay so after yesterday’s amazing response to our Monster Mashes post which mixed Biggie with some Gravy and the Biscuits there was no way we weren’t going to post this gem today. Honestly every song that I hear from Gravy and the Biscuits goes on repeat, on my Ipod, for the next few days and I can’t get it out of my head and this is no exception. So Check this song out before these guys blow up. ”

“These guys are incredible. I don’t think I’ve heard a song by Gravy and the Biscuits yet that I haven’t liked, and I’m pretty picky. As a guitarist, I’ve been growing tired of the electronic music takeover. So, hearing a new band like Gravy and the Biscuits is refreshing to me. Look out for these guys! ”

“ Gravy and the Biscuits truly are a refreshing taste of soul, funk and hip-hop. The group calls Nashville and Belmont University home. Although they may be young the production quality from their recent tracks has been nothing short of perfect. Every song is so incredibly dynamic it is impossible to ignore these guys talent.”

“If you havent hopped on the gravy train by now then this is your chance with Gravy and the Biscuits‘ debut EP Soul Food. GATB did an amazing job of blending funk, soul, and hip hop creating a fresh sound that appeals to all ears. Soul Food delivers hit song after hit song and in my opinion, the title track (track 4), ‘Soul Food’ is truly a masterpiece. Here are the top reasons why Soul Food is a MUST DOWNLOAD: swag rythmes, sexy lyrics, funky horns, more soul than momma’s kitchen and a beat that if you can’t groove to – you should see a doctor. Be sure to download “Soul Food” and enjoy the music video for ‘That Sunset’. Stay Gravy. There is no doubt that GATB are going places.”

“Blending styles of soul, funk, hip hop, and pop, the band began writing a couple songs in their dorm room, but not before creating a memorable name based off Wenrich’s first name: Gravy and the Biscuits. Sydney Shadrix, a sophomore featured in the video for “That Sunset,” calls the group a “chill, Californian, catchy” band. Those three characteristics have been key to attracting listeners, she said.”