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Drew Ross / Press

“How is it possible to convey so many emotions with just your voice and a guitar? The answer in two words ... Drew Ross”

No Zu Sounds Electronic Music

“Beautiful Lie is brilliant.”

Mark Parker

“ Great writing and singing! Interesting perceptions and nice twists. Keep on with the creative adventure. "Beautiful Lie" great! ”

Penny Towers Wilber

“Lovely, plaintive voice & songs. The narratives are captivating, evocative, emotive.”


"Beautiful! If it's "Rocket Science," you have a Phd!"

Nothin' But Fun

“Very sweet and tender, classic songs! ”

Caroline Ty

“Outstanding tunes. Intelligent and moving. Move to the front of the class!”

Eston lb

“Skillfully crafted songs and delivered with passion, what could be better :-)”

Rambling Dave

“Love It,...An Acoustic Hero w/ Wonderful Melodies Combined w/ Unique and Stay w/ U Voice...The Songwriting is True...!!!”

Johnnyx & the Voodoo Wild

“Nice, spare, evocative lyrics. Clean guitar work. A delightful collection of songs that tells us something about you that we can relate to. Good job.”

Medium Gauge

"ROCKET SCIENCE" incredible sound & style!


“Neil Young, eat your heart out !! Good stuff !! Simple but effective !! I like it !!”


“Wow, your GINA song is totally awesome. Fabulous vibes and excellent singing.”

Greg Ashton Haze

“Enjoyed listening to your music. Very reflective with strong lyrics and composition.”


“Some really nice song crafting here, Drew. Straight forward and comfortable, but with the occasional surprise. My fav: Rainy Day. Well done - Tom”

Tom Balek

“Wonderful and meaningful lyrics and music with brilliant harmonies. I love this man's songs!”


“Simply nice acoustic music with thoughtful lyrics and well structured melody.”


“Great listening..timeless songs..a couple of tracks are very reminiscent of Bread :) beautiful vocals ~ awesome !!! think my fave is "Alone"..”

Hillbilly Dix

"Rainy Day" Is very well done! Great tune top to bottom!

Jeffrey Whitman

“The first few notes of "Alone" told me it was a great track.”

Richard Hills

“Great story and passion on "I'll Be There"”

John Revitte

“Wow we are diggin Alone...great solid track!”


"you've been stuck in a rut like a truck in the mud.." Superb lyricism and imagery in these songs. I guess you must get a lot of the "like James Taylor" comments, but these songs are easily as well crafted and tight as his are...the arrangements are spare and honest (much better than most demo ideas) but it's the quality of the writing that is so impressive...with the right poptastic production and female vocal, "Words" is a top 10 hit!! What a great song!


“I'll Be There, this is a really deep and heart touching song!”

Mask Poet