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Quintel"L"-"Z" E.N.T / Comments

Control Boys
Control Boys  (1 day ago)

Thank you very much for visiting and liking our page!

quartz  (3 days ago)

Thanks for the love - added your page on FB! :)

CAROLINE BLUE  (3 days ago)

Hi Quintel-,thanks for the add! How are things? Wishing you a great' 2014!

Jackn Bones (CHILD OF LIGHT)
Jackn Bones (CHILD OF LIGHT)  (5 days ago)

Why don't you come have a listen to my tunes! From Jackn Bones

Quintel"L"-"Z" E.N.T
Quintel"L"-"Z" E.N.T  (5 days ago)

To all our partners here on Reverbnation:
The music you produce speaks volumes about the type of individual you are, as well as what you believe in. Our message to you is this. "The journey to success has many parking spaces....NEVER PARK....in the middle or even half way to your dreams, because you never know what could happen(in the next moment of your career/life). The more you choose not to settle for where you are now and what you are producing now as a result of your individual life experiences, the better your ability to create will become and you will begin to create the unimaginable and be what you never though you could be. So keep up the EXCELLENT WORK......and NEVER settle. We also want to take this time out to thank those of you who have stuck with us up to this point, this music industry is a hard business.....but we promise to bring you Good Music soon, thank you for your support we appreciate so much and please keep us in prayers, and continue to spread the word and invite people to this page to help us build awareness.......bless

Kasio Vega
Kasio Vega  (6 days ago)

Can you help me out with beats/ studio time?

Melissa Ramski
Melissa Ramski  (6 days ago)

Thank you!
Melissa Ramski

Tyrone  (8 days ago)

Hope the best for you in your music.

William Fuller's Laidback Manner
William Fuller's Laidback Manner  (10 days ago)

Thank you for your support by becoming a fan. I'm happy that you enjoyed my music. I like and support what you are doing. Good luck with your goal and vision. Jam on!

George Romiti
George Romiti  (10 days ago)

Thank you ...