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Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 : BAMF has scheduled KAOS for a radio interview Thursday June 21 at 9 pm on KSJS.

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Septic Christ - Infected Existence (Import) CD : Top Selling Metal Album On CD Baby : http://www.cdbaby.com/Style/96

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Bay Area Metal Festival 2012 Info :
http://themetalreview.com/?p=7090 July 28th, 2012 at The Oakland Metro, California..

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KAOS - Tickets for the Bay Area Metal Fest 2012 :

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May 26, 2012
http://www.silencesoloud.com/Kaos_Validated_In_Blood_Review.html KAOS - VALIDATED IN BLOOD - REVIEW Kaos have returned with an EP that is every bit as hostile with blood and sweat as it is with pure attitude and upbringing. If history were to compare Kaos to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, I can see where that might parallel alongside some strange dimensional drift in time. If not, the same bad-ass'ness would apply. Validated In Blood is the bands latest effort and in my view, provides a true look at the modern day scene while never surrendering it's values nor treading too far from the foundations already built. This is a vicious thrash assault with enormous energy. Validated in Blood is a five song EP from Bay Area natives Kaos; a thrash metal band working their way through heavily treaded waters from an area that arguable forged the genre. The first track is "United we Fall"; The riff is on fire and the vocals are screaming the chant of war, blood and brotherhood as the world has become drenched in total chaos. Impressive solo that is not hard to fall victom to. Survival in a world that wishes to rip you a new ass, with hated and violence reigning the shores of hell ... the second track "Internal Bleeding" is just that song, a song that shreds and guts it's way through a thousand zombies. "Alive To Die" is the third track, it starts off with a mild paced heaviness of crunching guitars and addictive drum pounding, this is very cool sounding ... a good sway motion begins to happen as you find the rhythm and then the headbanging and fist pumping is all that there is. Still you are steady pounding your fist to the beat, this has you in a really good place and then there comes this section where there is some awesome guitar playing, the sound and tone are evil 'n sweet if that makes and sense. Just a very kick-ass tune. "Blood Red Eyes"; this is a straight up assault of the vertebrae. Holy Shit Batman!, you have to be in your youth to keep up on this one, down front and in the pit!. The the fifth song, the last song on the Validated In Blood EP ... is Kill On command, a Vio-Lence cover. It's hard to pull off if you are a die-hard Vio-lence fan, but if anyone has pulled off such and thing that needs applause, it's Kaos's version, which is pretty fucking good!. To barrow a few words from above ... Kaos have put their Blood, Sweat and Soul into these four new thrash pieces and cranked it to 11 on one classic. Only problem with this EP is that it leaves you Jonesin for more. Old School Bay Area Thrash, juiced with a Hardcore battery that just keeps on giving. The drumming adds a different flavor to the end production as does the bass guitar pile driver of a monster. The guitar mood has stepped up huge and it really shows on these new songs. Those spider like fretboard solos that dance the melody of thrash, scaling the notes with comfort, performing runs and chops as if it's been this way forever. Then there's the vocals, the screaming throat that belts out "look through blood red eyes" and "our men will survive", then find the tone for "Nothing's going to change until you die". Awesome!. Validated In Blood is the Perfect Storm. Heavy, Angry and Mean with blood pouring from it's soul. Kaos Validated In Blood March 28th 2012 Maleviolence Records Track list: United We Kill Internal Bleeding Alive To Die Blood Red Eyes Kill On Command Line-Up: Jason Darnell - Vocals Stacey Murray - Guitar Steve Brumbaugh - Guitar Jesse Bellino - Drums Chad Murphy - Bass Discography: Vision Beyond (2000) Kaos among Us (2003) The Pits Of Existence (2010) WWW.SILENCESOLOUD.COM IS BASED OUT OF DELAWARE IN SUPPORT OF HARDNHEAVY MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD PROMOTION - REVIEWS - FORUMS HARD ROCK - HARDCORE - HEAVY METAL - EXTREME METAL WWW.SILENCESOLOUD.COM ©2003 WWW.HARDNHEAVYCOMMONWEALTH.COM ©2006 http://www.silencesoloud.com/KAOS.html

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T.C.F. - http://www.darkscene.at/index.php?m=review&i=5658




When one was angry, one could say: the triumphant return of the 80s has finally arrived in Holland. This impression definately comes to mind listening to T.C.F. (full: THRASH CORE FANATICS). The album sounds likei t was released back in the golden days of Punk/Thrash/Crossover. To put it correctly: whoever likes bands like D.R.I., S.O.D., Wehrmacht, Excel, The Exploited or Suicidal Tendencies (and who atually doesn’t like the suicidals?) and happens to hate modern Pro-Tools productions will definately have his or her way with “Where Madness Reigns”. Those who like a more contemporary musical comparison can think of bands like Municipal Waste or the Liverpool area soundalikes SSS.

In any case the rule here is: all amplifier controls to the max, shoes firmly on the skateboard deck and full speed ahead to the moshpit! These guys push the pedal to the metal from the First to the last second – One hit follows the other. Full bodied beercore with party factor 10. The fact that this Cocktail will go of live remains without any doubt. Without the slightest bit of attitude Hans Hostile, Rob Slaughter and Noisegate Nick shred through 13 explosive thrashcore hits, in lenght between one-and-a-half and three minutes or a total playing time of not even twenty-nine minutes. Pimped out by a dose of Punk attitude and a few speed pills. A delightful, exquisite experience for those with asocial rustling ears.

“Where Madness Reigns” isn’t a masterpiece just yet. It is a fascinating sibling resulting from the newly revived Paty-Thrash-Metal though. And next to the fact that Bayern Munchen has lost both the German Championship, the Cup and the Champions League final last minute, it has brought me the most joy in the last few weeks!

Note: 8.0

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Septic Christ - Guilty As We Were Born CD :
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T.C.F. - Hails Nate,

Check out my review for T.C.F. at: http://users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/TCFcdreviewWheremadnessreigns.htm
Yeah brother, really good ‘friendly violent fun’ Metal act... damn I hope to be present at the upcoming MOO festival in Oostrozebeke Belgium.

Thx again for the collaboration my friend... BY THE GRACE OF METAL, Stefan



Metal To Infinity

Are you ready for a speed fest, click in your belts firmly because T.C.F. have no mercy for those who won’t survive their high-speed velocities! This is a band from Holland, formed in 2007 by Rob Slaughter (ex-Incremental) and Hans Hostile (ex-Enforcer) – created a demo called “Core ‘88”, an EP “Speed Or Bleed” and their newest effort “Where Madness Reigns” has been recorded in the summer of 2011 by producer Quintijn Verhoef. Finally, T.C.F. came in touch with Nate McLeod from US label Malevolence Records and early 2012, Thrash Core Fanatics’s full length beast of thunder saw daylight.

Way back in the eighties, we had to deal with a Metal sub-genre called Crossover which was actually a blend of Hardcore & Thrash Metal music. I still remember bands like S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Excel, Agnostic Front, No Mercy, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht, Crumbsuckers, Leeway among other. Speedy, thrashy, punk styled guitar riffs and fire spitting aggression reigned within this genre of Metal – it brought a whole lotta fun if we were hanging out with friends back then! Another trademark to Crossover music were the lustily, ranting and screaming vocalists not afraid to sing what’s on their mind. It was them against the world, no matter the cost!

Listening to T.C.F. gives me the feel that I’ve been kicked back into the eighties – it feels as if time has stood still. Crossover, Thrashcore or whatever you’d like to define their style, T.C.F. is also able adding some good old Heavy Metal to the entire concept as well and that’s a very interesting fact to myself. Some of the tracks start with a funny introduction to go further like a bullet from a Colt 45 pistol but that’s what the band makes worth to check out. On the backside of the inlay I see one of the members wearing a cool Dark Angel logo on his chest so I think they’re really hooked on the everlasting forces of old school Thrash Metal and able to make their own created songs very well done. One last thing before leaving: during the first couple of songs, I hear quite messy guitar solo’s but as the CD progressed there was a remarkable improvement audible. From a certain point I got a whole different image from the guitar player in service. Short but fast solo’s, orderly played!

“Where Madness Reigns” from Holland based T.C.F. is a good work to me – a youth sentimental charged product which brings up many old, still unforgettable memories! Excellent stuff for all moshers into Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault, S.O.D, Anthrax (early Belladonna-era), bits of old Slayer/Metallica/Vio-lence, Agnostic Front, Excel, Ratos De Parao and stuff. Hope to see these guys during the upcoming Metal Over Oostrozebeke Festival (Belgium) that will happen in a venue named ‘T Ipperste… Date: July 7th. 2012. Other bands on the list are: Kaos, Absentia, Septic Christ and Diamondback. Nice festival in association with Malevolence Records, I’m sure the roof will go downside! T.C.F. - "Where Madness Reigns" to purchace at: http://www.malevolence-records.us/Store.php
My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan) – Infected Existence (Malevolence Records)

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Mad At Sam - America For $ale available for Digital Download Release thru CD Baby :

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KAOS - KAOS Music on R@DIO DIMENSION www.radiodimension.com

Hello Michelle,

I received and process your material.

Event though the submitted CD does not fit the main styles that we play on R@DIO DIMENSION (melodic rock, progressive, symphonic, electronic rock, metal, and non-pop rock ) the following track was selected and included on daily rotation


Depending on the audience reception additional tracks might be included.

I invite you to join our Facebook group to promote and share music by your artists.




Producer/DJ/Program Director for R@DIO DIMENSION
www.radiodimension.com Facebook: R@DIO DIMENSION

"Learning is a lifelong experience where we only graduate when we die... even then, who knows what we might learn afterwards!" LG