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Kane'd  (11 days ago)

Wild horses and hard edges are great songs. Great work :-) We enjoyed listening!

MykoMan  (13 days ago)

Great tune's you have here! Enjoying the listen.. Check us out when you can, it would be greatly appreciated ~Mykoman

Robert Burdine
Robert Burdine  (about 1 month ago)

Thanks for the add! Enjoyed listening to your songs!

drinky poo
drinky poo  (about 1 month ago)

lots of soul soul soul!!!

Jordan E. Spivack
Jordan E. Spivack  (3 months ago)

Heartfelt vocals, strong songwriting - especially like "Have A Little Faith"!

RMacDaddy  (3 months ago)

Wish I could take credit for writing that song but I can't...that was written by John Hiatt.

K. C. Beckmann
K. C. Beckmann  (3 months ago)

"O My Sweet Carolina," lovely song, beautiful lyrics, music and great vocals! Best wishes!

Tyson Webber
Tyson Webber  (3 months ago)

Great tunes and smooth playing!

RMacDaddy  (3 months ago)

Thanks man...I appreciate the comment!

RMacDaddy  (3 months ago)

Thanks man!

Sjofn  (5 months ago)

Your songs don't get much better than this. I'm really enjoying your music.

Mike Vinson - Americana
Mike Vinson - Americana  (5 months ago)

Came back for an encore visit. Enjoyed listening to "Better Than This" today. Best wishes in your musical journey.

RMacDaddy  (5 months ago)

Thanks Mike...that's really nice to hear.

CLIFFORD BABCOCK  (7 months ago)

I shared your song, "Better than this " on my facebook and page and recommended you. I feel and hear your lose and it has obviously made you a stronger man. Great voice, plaintive and expressive. Chhers from the mitten state.