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Murfy's fLaw / Comments

IMRadio  (about 4 years ago)

Hi Murfy's fLaw, I'm glad that ReverbNation turned IMRadio on to you. www.IMRadio.com

FANDANGO DUO  (about 5 years ago)

Hi guys! First, please allow me to apologise, would not want you to think me rude for not replying earlier but have been wrapped up and not online.

I cannot seem to download or hear your music and its driving me mad! Some blocker pop-up from server? Read your blog - congrats on your radio interview! Thank you on behalf of all Kenyan woman for talking so freely about an issue that is mostly taboo here.

Ta for the compliment, that is so kind. Did you recognise the Bible quotes in Coffee, Tea or Me? The Holy Spirit inspired me to write a lot of songs during my bout with Breast Cancer (which I truly believe was a blessing in disguise).

The hotels and restaurants have folded up for the rainy season so we are not playing but preparing instead to go on a short tour of Germany, Switzerland and Italy next month.

Will keep on trying to log in,

Have fun, be Blessed,


Melatonin  (over 5 years ago)

hey guys..

im the guy from Dave Mint and the Nobodies... dunno if you remember us

anyway nice job on the song!!! i love it and the quality is superb