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Gift Rap
Gift Rap  (10 months ago)


Nina Sensuality
Nina Sensuality  (10 months ago)

hey thanks good music

T.Charles  (10 months ago)

Sorry about the late response I haven't been on here in a while. My favorite part of the creative process as far a producing a track is always starting with the instruments, once I have that down then everything else comes together.

CALI'R MUSIC GROUP  (10 months ago)

CALI'R MUSIC GROUP... "We all Music"
The best has yet to come. Join us!!

"At this table, we all eat"

iBeat Drum Productions
iBeat Drum Productions  (10 months ago)

I'm feelin' your style artistically on BEFORE I FALL. Visit www.iBeatdrum.com , I have beats you might be interested in. Thanks,
- iBeatdrum

Jeanette Gagnon
Jeanette Gagnon  (10 months ago)

really cool beats. I enjoyed your music

Madmouth  (10 months ago)

Showin support. Click on my page to hear some brutally honest rap with gripping orchestral beats and melodic metal style choruses!

Buss Da Husslah
Buss Da Husslah  (10 months ago)

nice beats dope style klean flow lets collab folks Hit me up!!

Buss DA Husslah!

Rude WAyz ENt !!!

KeyzGoneBad  (10 months ago)

whats good bro, that joint wit Quinn is fire! keep the bangers comin. #Allsupport

Eva Rivera-Ferrell
Eva Rivera-Ferrell  (10 months ago)

Hola!! Playing your music right now! Hot tracks and I love your flow!! Showing luv and I just became a fan!! How are you? When you get a chance, come and check me out! I have tons of songs on my page (many different genres)!! :-)