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Cee-Y  (6 months ago)

Nice tracks Janice.
Keep the people going!!

Darren Cinque
Darren Cinque  (6 months ago)

"SHE'E ALIVE"- enjoyed the listen, great voice and song!! Just shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to listen to! All the best!

GARRY MOORE  (6 months ago)

Good production and performances on your tracks Janice! Top quality and professionalism! Very unique, innovative and on the cutting edge... Now that's true artistry!!!

Janice Kephart
Janice Kephart  (6 months ago)

Wow, Garry! Incredible to receive a comment from such an established, well respected artist. Thank you!

New Breedz Namibia
New Breedz Namibia  (6 months ago)

You deserve more plays....This is cool..

Janice Kephart
Janice Kephart  (6 months ago)

Thank you for saying I deserve more plays... !!! You do as well!

Mike Vinson - Americana
Mike Vinson - Americana  (6 months ago)

Enjoyed listening to "Monster" today. It seemed very appropriate on this Halloween day. I love your creativity.... You have a very cool sound. Thank you for your comment and I wish you much success.

Janice Kephart
Janice Kephart  (6 months ago)

Yes, Monster is my Halloween song! Thanks for noticing, Mike! :)

Isaac Turner
Isaac Turner  (6 months ago)

Nice production! - IT

The Twelve Crucifixes
The Twelve Crucifixes  (6 months ago)

I like "She's alive" good song. Enjoy your musical journey. Cal.

The Rhodes
The Rhodes  (6 months ago)

Awesome Tunes!
All the Best! ER.

The Spacetrain
The Spacetrain  (6 months ago)

Hi Janice, enjoying your music and lyrics.

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (6 months ago)

My life is to live the great feelings good and bad, your music is what gives me great joy, great songs .. Your friend DJA