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Sadie Blu
Sadie Blu  (3 months ago)

Excellent! Really awesome sound & style! I enjoyed listening. Best wishes to you. :o)

Ali Melissa Schaff
Ali Melissa Schaff  (3 months ago)

Man oh man, i can sureeely get down to these tunes!

Lisa Seda
Lisa Seda  (3 months ago)

Straight up honest and real great work here, New song Dopetracksz feat lanky Lankylank well done!! Wish you all the best much respect, and peace, Lisa

Daze AKA The Nomad
Daze AKA The Nomad  (3 months ago)

First track is dpe n fresh! Real Hip-Hop music. Keep up the good work. Artist support Artist!

MykoMan  (3 months ago)

"Love Potion #9" is a great tune! Enjoying my listen here. ~Mykoman

Steve Caustrita
Steve Caustrita  (3 months ago)

nice varity of tracks
not a tight sound but that's what makes it real!
you did not overdue the vocal effects

Proven Productionz
Proven Productionz  (5 months ago)

Sick music had to give you a salute!!! Plz check out my beats and instrumentals when u get a chance..thx...peace and respect

Fotis Papastavrou
Fotis Papastavrou  (6 months ago)

Great grooves!Greetings from Greece!

King DaVinchi
King DaVinchi  (6 months ago)

Dope Tracks 4Real

Capo  (6 months ago)

Thanks for the love,,good music