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Keith Adkins / Comments

TalentLotto  (4 days ago)

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Ann Marie Harvie
Ann Marie Harvie  (4 days ago)

Hi Keith , I like your music in particular Movin On, best wishes for the future, Alan

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (8 days ago)

All I am hearing is great tunes! While I enjoy this great Saturday afternoon with the tunes on full blast! ;)
DJ Antonio

Maria "IamDfeated' Trixter210
Maria "IamDfeated' Trixter210  (8 days ago)

WoW! Street of Dream is jamming, amazing groove. You are very talented. May all your dreams come true. Real musicians are a rare breed. Awesome, truly awesome.

Victor Chekov
Victor Chekov  (10 days ago)

Great sound! I'm diggin' it. Best of luck to you all.

buchanproductions  (11 days ago)

I rarely use my other account, sorry for the late response.
Super Music

Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson  (15 days ago)

Quality composition and recording across the board Keith! Respect Maestro!. Julian Wilson

Minus Cube
Minus Cube  (15 days ago)

Great tracks Keith! All the best

Maria DiDonato
Maria DiDonato  (18 days ago)

Enjoyed Movin' On and Street of Dreams.

Cathy Turner
Cathy Turner  (19 days ago)

Very cool style Keith, wow, love what you do friend, just amazing, I am a fan