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Overnight Collides
Overnight Collides  (3 months ago)

Awesome tune's Den! Luv your sound. Check us out when you can! :) - Overnight Collides

Michelle Kasajian
Michelle Kasajian  (3 months ago)

Loved listening to your music today! Awesome and on my playlist!

Zee Zakima
Zee Zakima  (3 months ago)

Great songs and love the vibe :-)

Sebby Boy
Sebby Boy  (3 months ago)

You do an awesome job walking down the road of the Eagles. Still, you manage to sign the songs with your own genuine sound and style. Cheers!!!

Den Lauzon
Den Lauzon  (3 months ago)

Thanks Sebby...I'll take that as a huge compliment!!...They certainly have been a big influence over the years.

Michael Lucking
Michael Lucking  (3 months ago)

Very nice sound great energy with a nice groove. Diggin' it.

Den Lauzon
Den Lauzon  (3 months ago)

Thanks so much Michael. Glad yer diggin' it

Laura Davis
Laura Davis  (3 months ago)

Awesome tunes!! Follow your dreams and never surrender!!

Den Lauzon
Den Lauzon  (3 months ago)

Thanks Laura.

Stiff Spirit
Stiff Spirit  (3 months ago)

I Love It!!!

BEIGE FISH  (4 months ago)

..excellent stuff, just excellent- great sound and performance -cheers BF

Den Lauzon
Den Lauzon  (4 months ago)

Thanks so much

Radio Tribe
Radio Tribe  (4 months ago)

Great work with 'For Ani' very cool song, All the best :D

Rufaro  (4 months ago)

**Hoping to gain artists like these,as fans of mine. We all cook w/the same ingredients A-G#, come sample my recipe. Bring a bib;) Also witness an endangered species...a brotha that RoCks GuITaR

Den Lauzon
Den Lauzon  (4 months ago)

That's some nice gumbo yer servin' up there!!...Thanks for the support.