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OFFRAMP / Comments

AUDIO WINE  (4 months ago)

Def soundz like classic Yes right off the bat.. Mayby Im in Kansas anymore

OFFRAMP  (4 months ago)

Hey Audio Wine,

Thanks for the comment - and yes, I am a rather significant Yes and Kansas (Steve Walsh) fan, so perhaps such influences are in my musical ventures. Checked out a few of your tunes - nice work - I liked the effects on the songs that gives them a mid-80s ZZ Top, Boston, and The Cars feel to them. Hope you take that as a compliment!

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel
Maxlink AkA Dark Angel  (7 months ago)

best to you

Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Eddie Ray Franks Jr  (9 months ago)

Dropping by to show support and wish you much success with your music. Have a great evening and week. Eddie Ray