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Anna Johnson / Comments

Paul J. Clark
Paul J. Clark  (6 months ago)

Can't wait for your new music, had to stop by to listen again!


Suthurn Swaggur
Suthurn Swaggur  (6 months ago)

Happy New Year Anna! Thanks so much for your support and we wish you all the best in 2014!

Paul J. Clark
Paul J. Clark  (7 months ago)

I love your music! Merry Christmas!


How To Avoid Art
How To Avoid Art  (7 months ago)

Top notch everything! True artistry.

Nuwbunun The Black Lotus
Nuwbunun The Black Lotus  (7 months ago)

Censors can try to remove the Christ from Christmas, but Gloria puts it all back in line, if only for a moment. Absolutely beautiful!

John Winsor, Composer
John Winsor, Composer  (7 months ago)

Hey, Anna! I'm listening to "I Wonder as I Wander." Lovely track and beautiful singing!

B2B  (7 months ago)

Great fire keep it coming loving the vibe bless B2B..

Satchwood  (7 months ago)

Beautiful voice and music! Gorgeous and uplifting spirit!! I'm ready for Christmas now =)

The Paul Fischer
The Paul Fischer  (7 months ago)

Amazing songs! Peace.Paul

the Jack Djohnson
the Jack Djohnson  (8 months ago)

Wow.. Really, i'm very like your first song. I like this genre. So awesome cool

and beautifull. Don't forget to visit and comment back for our band please..

Best Regards :)