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MysteryCipher  (11 months ago)

Hey there ! Coming back to give your music some more listening ! keep up the amazing work and keep in touch ! Hopefully you enjoy my music just as much as I enjoy yours ! Thank you ! Have a great week !

Ilja Alexander
Ilja Alexander  (11 months ago)

Hi Sue, I love the melodies in your songs. Your song Spring gives extra warmth to the cold start of summer :) Thanks for connecting and best wishes from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Ilja

Flavored Feel
Flavored Feel  (11 months ago)

Wonderful tune you got here, from 1 new satisfied fan. Keep it up and produce more great tracks!
/Ronnie, Flavored Feel

Sanjay Lal
Sanjay Lal  (11 months ago)

Hi Sue,enjoying your wonderful music,Have a great weekend - Sanjay

Wayne Sanelli
Wayne Sanelli  (12 months ago)

Don't you think Sue is a gift. She has such a unique voice. And her music fills the air. Wayne

Aliceleonz  (12 months ago)

Listening to "Spring"...oh what a lovely voice...what a beautiful feeling you bring to my heart with your song....love it

Brett Service
Brett Service  (12 months ago)

Just had a very relaxing listen to "island in the sun"...such a great flow to the melody, vocals and instrumental tracks Sue.

Susan Martin
Susan Martin  (12 months ago)

Beautiful music. Love your sound. Listening to Spring...what a cool tune!

Kevin M. Thomas
Kevin M. Thomas  (12 months ago)


Bill Wright
Bill Wright  (12 months ago)

Sweet tunes, Sue!