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The Ne Plus Ultra / Comments

bladequake [Chemical]ization
bladequake [Chemical]ization  (almost 2 years ago)

Thought I'd stop by again and listen again to "M.A.S.E" Sweet sound you got on that one guys. Dig it alot. Ima have to start sharing your guy's stuff too =] - bladequake

Naomi Psalm
Naomi Psalm  (almost 2 years ago)

Nice tunes here!

Still inlimbo
Still inlimbo  (almost 2 years ago)

Sweet music....

Vadim Mikhailov
Vadim Mikhailov  (almost 2 years ago)

Hi ! Nice work ! Good sound ! I like it a lot !

MikeWhitePresents  (almost 2 years ago)

Our Tuesday morning voice-over client postponed, so I got a few hours spare before my next booking..time for you and your lovely music to be given the ol' MWP seal-of-approval-pat-on-the-back! Millions crave it..only a tiny, feted few get to feel the slapping hand of support each day! Luxuriate in Your Creative Splendour!!

Joel Wilson & The Revival
Joel Wilson & The Revival  (almost 2 years ago)

Greetings from Oklahoma !!!! you have a really good sound goin on !!!! We hope you will take a look at us, have a listen to our sound, and fan us back !!!!!! Thanks

the spider ferns
the spider ferns  (almost 2 years ago)

Great sound & beautiful vocals...very charismatic music!

Benn Nicee
Benn Nicee  (almost 2 years ago)

Nicee! ;)

Skarred Kage
Skarred Kage  (almost 2 years ago)

I love your sound. Very mysterious. Thanks for fanning my project Skarred Kage here on Reverbnation. I'm also on Soud Cloud.

john cheney
john cheney  (almost 2 years ago)

Awesome! Very original sound! jc