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Robert Steven Hunt / Comments

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (5 months ago)

you are so dang gifted! over and over!!
Nazarene touched my soul this nite!!
waiting here for another blizzard..i pray it be the LAST!
your new forever friend

Sean Callero
Sean Callero  (5 months ago)

True talent! Prosperous 2014 to you~ SVC

idleMob  (5 months ago)

Dark is the Night is stunning! So flowing and moving,drenched with emotion. Absolutely inspiring!

Rory Cosgrove
Rory Cosgrove  (5 months ago)

Enjoying your music Robert - beautiful playing and lovely orchestrations!

AITG/Agony In The Garden
AITG/Agony In The Garden  (5 months ago)

My Beloved is a beautiful and heartfelt piece. Great works. Cheers!

NiceVeloso  (5 months ago)

It touches my soul your song! Sublime! Magnificent!

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (5 months ago)

your compositions are sublime, emotional, touching so gorgeous! thank you dear heart..i am a classically trained stage actor..trained by the late TED Liss Chicago..so we share the tragedy & comedy of it all..i am a pretty decent word gal..maybe one day we can collaborate..think spring please..i pray so hard for that first smell of fresh rain in the air, getting bare-feet and my hands in the dirt on this fragile earth,,,you are just better than wonderful!
aura almost LAURA!

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (5 months ago)

Goodness me. You sent me a very kind message saying how talented I was...well Robert that message means so much more when I listen to you. You are magnificent. I real talented and beautiful human being. Thank you Robert.

PHIL G  (5 months ago)

Beautiful Piano compositions from a truly talented musician. Thank you for your contribution the the world of Real beautiful music and sharing your gift.

Robert Steven Hunt
Robert Steven Hunt  (5 months ago)

Thank you so much Phil for your amazing comments and support, I really do appreciate it. Your music is exceptional, it is so rich and beautiful, please keep in touch, I admire your work, it is outstanding too! God Bless! My very best wishes to you from Reading in England. Rob.

Michel Isnard
Michel Isnard  (5 months ago)

Beautiful music, here, Robert !! Thanks for your kind comment. I'd like we to play on some further track. let me know, ok ?