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Kim Guthrie
Kim Guthrie  (7 months ago)

I love "Now that I know" one of my faves to listen to at this time, had to share on my FB page.

(Pop Star) Masumi
(Pop Star) Masumi  (7 months ago)

Hi Suicide Bunnies, Stopping by to show the support!! Sounds Awesome!
Much Love and Respect

Josie Bernales
Josie Bernales  (7 months ago)

Remembering you , I'm back to listen to your Music . Happy Monday !

Gabrielle Taylor
Gabrielle Taylor  (7 months ago)

You're better than I...cheers heaps for ur support! luv the band name (-:

Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer  (7 months ago)

Wish you all the best!!!
Hugs and kisses-O.C Lapland's Diamond

Ampia Vista
Ampia Vista  (7 months ago)

Hi Guys! Really liked your open sound! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Ampia Vista

Jenny Franck
Jenny Franck  (7 months ago)

finally got the chance to check out your music. love it! keep up the good tunes my friends:)

EMMANUEL  (7 months ago)

nice music

JP'S ATTIC  (7 months ago)

Dropping in to play a track and show support, nice work, best wishes. JP

Official Outcome
Official Outcome  (7 months ago)

Stopping by this Thursday morning to enjoy your music. Love and Blessings
" Music is life
Music is colorful
Music is passion
Music is soothing.

Music makes one romantic
Music evades loneliness
Music makes to forget worries
Music gives hope.

Music can take you ages back
Music can tell you stories
Music can control emotions
Music is always endless…. “
-Sreekala Sukumaran